The Best Leather Rigger Gloves: A Guide for Choosing the Correct Pair


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Working outdoors can be tough on your hands. The sun, wind, dirt and water can all cause them to become dry and cracked. Working with leather can be a great way to combat hand dryness. It’s also a great way to protect your hands from blisters during any heavy work. And of course, it’s always important to have the appropriate gear for the job you’re doing. Your work gloves will depend on what you need them for, as well as, your personal preference. These are some of the best leather rigger gloves available today and their benefits.

Types of Leather Gloves

There are several different types of gloves made from leather. These gloves may come from any of the different animal sources, but in the majority of cases are either sheep’s, goats or even deer’s hide. All three of these animals have some similarities with one another. Most animals are born without nipples, so the nipple comes in somewhere in the middle of their body. Most animals have a cow udder. This is where they carry their milk until they are ready to give birth. This would be where the udder would be located on the buck that we would need for leather working. Most of the other animal skins tend to look more like a goat. A goat’s coat can be very wide and very soft, which makes them great for leatherworking.

Differences between Rigger and Cowhide Gloves

Rigger gloves are made from durable, non-leather materials. This is good news for us guys who tend to have a harder time with durability than a woman. These gloves have been used by mechanics, loggers and other outdoor professions. These gloves are large and loose fitting with a silicone finger protector. Each finger protector is included with the gloves. You can easily remove it and wash it as needed. Rigger gloves are thicker than a leather glove and can be used with a hard hat. These gloves are rated to keep out the elements but it is important to check the label before each use to see how well they do in that department. Cowhide Gloves are popular among outdoor workers. These gloves are lightweight and built to be windproof.

What to Consider When Buying Leather Gloves

When you’re looking for a good pair of leather gloves, the following are some factors you want to consider. Drying and Moisture Resistance: Remember that your hands are your greatest organ of touch. If your gloves get wet, you will feel uncomfortable working with them, especially on a job where you’ll be handling hot metal or freezing cold tools. You should also consider moisture resistance in cold and hot weather. Some gloves are totally waterproof, but others can only be used under certain weather conditions. Color: Yes, different colors might look nice on the surface, but will not suit your needs. If you work in multiple or diverse environments, you want to wear a color that will go with everything in your wardrobe. Thickness: Leather is versatile.

Benefits of Leather Rigger Gloves

If you haven’t already, you should get your hands on a pair of these. Leather gloves are the way to go when working with leather. They have some of the best stretchability, flexibility and movement. They also have the most natural feel and texture to them. Leather can be very slick and it is also very easy to drop your tools and lose them. That’s where a good pair of leather rigger gloves comes in. Even though they are also made with a synthetic lining, they are still one of the best tools you can use for working with leather. Don’t you just love it when the rain gets a hold of you and you can’t make it back home? Then a good pair of leather rigger gloves is just the answer you need. Leather gloves, when put on the ground and wet, will make it difficult for you to get back up.


Finding the best leather rigger gloves is really a matter of your preferences, but in all honestly, you should be purchasing a set of 4 leather rigger gloves if you’re a professional in a field where you use these particular gloves on a daily basis. If you’re just getting started, you should start with 2 pair. If you do, you won’t want to go without at all.


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