The best rangoli designs to welcome Goddess Lakshmi


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The auspicious occasion of Diwali is one such festival that brings light to the lives of people around. It not just lights up your houses along with the Flames of diyas and candles, it also brings a light of happiness to your heart and soul. Communities all around the world celebrate the occasion of Diwali with great joy and pomp. It is a festival which has many other festivals around. Thus, the festive vibes of Diwali begin right from the beginning of the festival of Vijayadashami, which marks the victory of Lord Rama over the demon king of Lanka, and it is in the commemoration of this victory that people celebrate Diwali by lightning the Lamps and candles for welcoming their King to his Kingdom. Diwali is all about love, joy, and celebration. Not just in India, the festival is celebrated in every part of the globe. Lamps, Diya, Diwali Flowers, Diwali cakes, Diwali gift hampers, Diwali clothes, and Diwali special meals constitute an essential part of the celebration of the festival. However, another important aspect of celebrating Diwali is that of beautifying your house by making lovely patterns of Rangoli for welcoming peace and prosperity to your house. Given below are some of the best rangoli designs for you to try so that you can catch the attention of everybody who visits your house, thereby receiving thousands of compliments for your efforts

Ganpati rangoli

You can make a lovely Ganpati Rangoli by using grains of rice or Gulal. You may use a single color or use a variety of colors as per your preferences. Lord Ganpati is the first to be worshipped across all occasions. Therefore you can initiate your Diwali celebrations along with a lovely Ganpati rangoli.

Seven petals flower rangoli

You can make a floral design with seven petals and fill colors in the rangoli, or you may order Diwali gifts online and use the petals of the flowers for decorating the lovely Rangoli that you would be making. You may choose to buy Marigold, roses, or lilies and use them for making a beautiful rangoli on the occasion of Diwali.

Lakshmi feet rangoli

Each year people celebrate Diwali while worshipping the trio of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswati, and Goddess Lakshmi. It is believed that Rangoli is made for welcoming the Goddess of wealth and impressing her by beautifying every corner of the house. So you may make a rangoli design of footprints of Goddess Lakshmi in order to indicate her arrival in your house. Thereby seeking her blessings on you and your dear ones.

Circular rangoli

The circular design is indicative of fulfillment. Therefore you may choose any color or any material for your Rangoli and make it in a circular pattern so that you can be endowed with wholeness and fulfillment in your life.

Peacock rangoli

Hindu mythology holds high regard for every creature, and Peacock is one of them. Therefore, You may use any Peacock design pattern and beautify your house along with the charm of Rangoli and Peacock. Why Should You Regularly Replace Your Tyres

Geometric design rangoli

For the ones who were afraid of not being able to pull up a Rangoli well, a geometric pattern of Rangoli would be the best. You can look for various geometric rangoli designs over the internet and execute any of them.

Mandala rangoli

The Mandala design of drawing involves using intricate patterns for beautifying the piece of art. you may use any Mandala design rangoli to welcome the Goddess of wealth to your house.

Diya design rangoli

You may make a simple diya design rangoli in your house along with a flame. You can also write messages like Shubh Dipawali, happy Diwali, or shubh labh on it.

Rangolis are all about attracting wealth and prosperity in your life. They radiate positivity. Thereby attracting everybody’s attention towards them. You may use various kinds of pulses, colors, beads, or cereal for making a beautiful rangoli design. You may use small pieces of cardboard or wood for placing your rangoli on the ground. Thereby making it look stunning. You shall make the rangoli at a place where people can be mindful of the rangoli, thereby not causing any harm to your hard work. Besides that, you shall also keep your Rangoli away from the pets in your house.

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