The Best Streaming Platforms Of 2023


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The Best Streaming Platforms Of 2023

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If you own a house or you move into a new apartment, the very first purchase that most people would make is a living room couch and a TV. This says a lot about the importance of entertainment in our lives.

This seems like an obvious choice but now choices are changing. Blame it on the minimalistic lifestyle or compact entertainment choices, more people are shifting to laptops and mobile phones as their sole entertainment devices. However, this is not bringing down the purchase of entertainment devices; instead, it is just shifting to the use of projectors, laptops, and portable devices.

Apart from the visible shift in the entertainment infrastructure and choice of devices, the content we consume, the quality of content, and the way we consume content have also changed. Now, with the use of content streaming sites, you can enjoy your favorite movies TV series, documentaries, and sitcoms on the go. Just a good internet connection, your portable device, and a subscription to a content streaming site is enough to keep you entertained. If you are looking for a good internet connection for online streaming, we would recommend RCN. With affordable internet and TV RCN bundles along with on-the-go streaming features this Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the way to go.

For streaming the content, a good internet connection is ideal. Some sites offer free movies and TV shows for their viewers. Apart from this, TV-providing companies offer their cable TV packages with built-in content streaming site subscriptions. So the options are endless, you just need to pick the option that suits your requirement.

The Best Streaming Platforms Of 2023

As the demand for streaming is on the rise, more content apps and streaming sites are coming into the entertainment arena. Production and distribution companies are pulling their content out of the content streaming sites just to launch their brand. Disney, HBO, Paramount, and Discovery are some of the main players in the game.

For the people who are struggling to find out about the best online streaming sites and which one would suit their taste, we have listed some of the best and most famous options.


If you live and breathe movies and content, Netflix is the only option you need. So far, Netflix has the most diverse content library. If you like to talk about movies or you feel that talking about entertainment is a good conversation starter; Netflix should be your top pick. Although there are other online content streaming sites that have a huge fan following and much better content options, globally Netflix is known as the content king.

The Netflix effect is so famous that even the best actors and mega movie stars feel privileged to be working under the banner of Netflix. Moreover, Netflix has such a huge impact that it can make the career of a struggling actor with just a single project on the platform.

Disney +

Definitely the most affordable option on our list, Disney+ stays true to its reputation and has a huge collection of famous Disney movies. If you are into Disney movies or you like to have a good time with the family, this should be your top pick.

Disney+ mainly gained popularity when it released all Disney movies on a single platform. However, soon people started moving from Disney+ because all the content available was from the famous existing franchises under the banner. Most of the content was old and available online. Currently, they also have new shows and original TV series. These efforts are bringing back viewers.  The only issue is that Disney+ usually takes longer to come up with new seasons, which is a little frustrating.


Hulu might not be considered the best and the leading content streaming option but it is definitely in the top 5. Hulu is mainly famous among teenagers and youth because it has a lot of movies and shows staring famous YouTubers and social media influencers. Another important reason Hulu is considered a good option is its affordability.

If you compare it to the big names like Netflix and Amazon, it is affordable. However, the original options are relatively fewer and most of the original Hulu shows star newbies and youngsters so, if you are looking for some big stars, you might get a little disappointed. Another important reason people do not like Hulu is the chunky interface that is relatively hard to navigate prepare to feel lost.

Prime Video

After Netflix, prime video has the biggest viewership and impact. Last year Prime Videos surpassed Netflix in profitability and subscription. Thanks to the location-based content and affordable subscription price, Prime Video has attracted a lot of new subscribers.

More people are now ditching Netflix and shifting to Prime Video just because of its huge content library and original shows. However, experts and movie critic believe that Prime Video lacks appeal in the European and American region but have a huge fan following in the Middle East, India, and Asian countries.


If you are into good shows, anime, famous sitcoms, and DC movies, HBO Max should be your go-to option. From some of the most watched TV series like Friends to famous anime titles under Ghibli Studio, you will get the best options at HBO max.

Apart from this, HBO original shows have gathered a lot of attention. Slick and user-friendly interface along with offline viewing and download option, HBO Max is defiantly worth the money.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, there are so many different online content streaming sites but you cannot get a subscription to all the sites. This is why you need to make an informed decision after research. The above-mentioned list has everything that you need for making an informed decision.