The Impact Of Low Rolling Resistance Tyres On The Vehicles


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Tyres have seen major development concerning their designs, tread compounds, and technology. One of the most unique and important transformations is low rolling resistance. These Michelin tyres Coventry are better, more reliable, and durable, as compared to all the other tyre variants. Let us have a closer look at the functionality and attributes of LRR tyres. 

Low Rolling Resistance Tyres

Let us first understand what rolling resistance means. So, when you apply pressure on your car’s accelerator, you are transmitting the energy to the Car Tyres Coventry. This power can be in the form of electricity or gas, depending on the type of vehicle you own. With the help of this energy, tyres turn and generate momentum, helping the car to move forward. 

To accomplish this course of action, the vehicle has to overcome several factors which resist the forward movement. And, rolling resistance is one of those resisting factors. It’s the energy that your car tyres require to keep themselves moving forward while maintaining a certain driving speed. 

Low rolling resistance tyres promise to lower down the fuel consumption rate of the car, increasing the gas mileage. These tyres have tread patterns with more connected and contiguous designs, so they do not individually connect with the ground but roll forward as one interconnected tyre unit. These tyres have a smaller contact area and reduced weight, which influences both vehicle’s performance and handling competence. 

At Coventry tyres, we incorporate high-quality low rolling resistance tyres from the leading and iconic brands like Bridgestone tyres, Continental tyres, Michelin tyres , etc. Simply visit our store to shop for these tyres, or you can browse through our website and book your choice of tyres there as well. 

How Does Low Rolling Resistance Affect My Car?

When a tyre unit rotates over the road surface, the friction between the tyre rubber and the ground is the main element of grip. Without friction, the tyre will not be able to hold the surface. This is why rolling resistance is essential. But, to tackle this friction, your car needs more power and energy, consuming more fuel than required. A tyre with LLR ensures to decrease the fuel consumption rate as they are designed with advanced technology; use less power for functioning. 

How To Find Out Tyre’s Rolling Resistance?

Modern tyres come with an EU label which categorizes their wet weather grip, fuel economy and noise generation with a measurement scale from A to G. The fuel economy measure will possess the grade of a tyre’s rolling resistance, with the sign of a petrol pump. If you find that the tyre’s rating is ‘B’, it indicates the tyre would have adequate fuel efficiency.

Benefits of Low Rolling Resistance Tyres

Improved safety – Low rolling tyres do not put a lot of stress on the car engine as compared to the standard tyres. Regular tyres tend to get hot in the summer season, but LLR tyres keep themselves cool, reducing the chances of tyre burst, and increases safety.

Better control – Designed with Silica compound, these tyres improve the grip and traction on both wet and dry roads, giving you better control on the road. This will eventually result in a comfortable and smoother driving experience.

High fuel efficiency – To overcome rolling resistance, a car uses around 5-15% of the total fuel. LRR tyres yield a lesser amount of fuel, which increases the fuel efficiency of the car. And, when the tyres are inflated with adequate pressure, they are more likely to save better on fuel consumption.

Increased savings – With low rolling resistance tyres equipped for your car, you will spend less on fuel. This means the cost of expenses will be reduced. 

Greener option – Since LRR tyres do not consume more fuel, there will be lesser emissions in the environment. This would impact the world positively. Installing a green tyre can make a big difference in the pollution rate of the country. 

If you are searching for Car Tyres Coventry then head over to our facility. We are sure to not disappoint you in terms of tyre quality and prices! 


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