The Most Expensive Pets Across the Globe


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Everyone loves to have a furry, strong or slimy pal by their side. There are many pet lovers out there in the world. Some of them like to splurge a bit extra on the pets of their choice. This is no easy feat, when pets are pricy the amount of care needed for the pet will also increase in price. Long story short, the more money an animal lover has the more likely he or she will spend it on their dream pet. I have listed a few of the most expensive pets below: 

1.Race Horse

Yes, racehorses are considered to be one of the priciest pets for all horse racers. Particularly, the Green Monkey thoroughbred racehorse. It is a US bred horse and due to its rapid speed, it can be sold up to sixteen thousand dollars. If you are a racer or you know any racers, make sure to buy a stock saddle for sale. You can train your winning horse for the next race or provide a racer with the ideal gift; he or she will surely appreciate. 

2.Tibetan Mastiff 

A pure red and Tibetan Mastiff is not only huge in size but extremely rare. Much like its size, the average price of this dog is generally between $520,000 and $582,000. However, in the year 2011 it was sold for a whopping, head turning and stomach churning, $1.5 million dollars! 

3.Ivory Lion

White lion cubs are not only majestic, they are a rare discovery. And we know everything that is rarely found, usually comes with a hefty price tag. The white colour is a result of a mutation passed down from the parents to the cub. The usual price per cub is $140,000. However, most people are discouraged from having only one cub as it is important for the animal not to be alone and a majority tend to buy them in pairs. 


Famous on the evolutionary scale and equally popular for its high price. People prefer this animal as a pet due to its nature being very playful, friendly and quite intelligent. Some nations have legalized owning exotic animals such as the great chimpanzee. Even certain states in the USA such as Alabama, Delaware and Kansas allow people to own chimpanzees with permits. One chimpanzee will cost around sixty thousand dollars and about a few hundred dollars for monthly care. 


In Egypt, these animals have been used in exchange as dowry for marriage due to its high value. When people think about a camel, automatically you will see an Arabian nation, with oil tycoons standing next to these beautiful creatures. Despite the animal’s stubborn disposition, camels are utilized as a vital method of transportation in many countries located within the Middle-East. They cost roughly around $55,000 and are definitely worth the price! 

6.Albino Python 

You didn’t think the slimy ones are excluded, did you? We are not talking about any old albino snake here. The Lavender Albino Ball Python is one of the most expensive species of snakes in the entire world. It comes with a pair of ruby red eyes and bright yellow markings. 

It is also known for being a great pet for snake-lovers. In contrast to the African python’s usual reputation of being big and long, this Albino species is quite small in comparison. Despite its size and due to the rarity of its kind, it can be sold up to $40,000. 

You better save up some cash for the next few months if you would like to get one of these pets yourself! 


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