The Reasons for Banning the Use of Mobile Phones in Land-Based US Casinos


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There are various reasons why land-based casinos in the US may not allow mobile phones. The main reasons are to prevent cheating and ensure safety and privacy. 

Security reasons

Criminals will often use their mobile phones or recording devices to create problems in a casino. They will look for any weaknesses or blind spots in a casino’s security. Staff and security personnel don’t want to have their photos taken for privacy and security reasons. They don’t want frustrated gamblers to know any private details about them so they can take out their frustrations on them. Security staff at a casino will keep a close eye out for any suspicious behavior. 

Online casinos also have various security measures to enable safe and secure play. However, contrary to land-based casinos, using mobile phones and playing on mobile casino apps is the most convenient way to play. Online casinos offer many benefits from the range of new casino games they offer to convenient ways of making payments. 

Protect gambler privacy

Taking photos at a casino is discouraged as it can be an invasion of privacy. It is so easy to snap photos using a mobile phone. No celebrities or big-name patrons would appreciate snaps of visits to casinos. The career of an actor making a name for clean, family-friendly movies could suffer as a result. When playing slots online, one of the advantages is the privacy it offers. Gamblers can even play in their pajamas lying on the couch if this suits them. 

Deter cheating

There are various apps gamblers can use on mobile phones that could help them to cheat. An example is a card counter for a blackjack game that tells players when to hit, stand, or double their bets. 

Programs can also perform probability calculations about the outcomes of games. Players can use the built-in laser scanners on mobile phones to record the speed of a ball in a roulette wheel. Calculations are made by the program to accurately depict where the ball will land. With the US casino market growing in size, gamblers are likely to keep looking for new ways to game the systems.

They are a distraction

Mobile phones can distract players. This can stop them from continuously spinning the reels. Receiving a call or a text could jolt them back to reality. The minutes that players spend on mobile phones means less time for playing slot machines and table games at retail casinos.