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With phones, having one is more than enough. Anyway, the more you are away from technology; the better it is for your mental and physical health. Nonetheless, many people who abide by this theory do not care about fancy phones. They are happy to buy broken phones. But you need to understand where to draw the line and what not to buy. Hope this guide will help you make an informed decision as well as save money. 

Why buy broken phones 

In this time where everything is upper costly, we always find ways to save money. It is thus important to understand where to save and where to spend. Moreover, any place where you can save money without harming your quality of living is important. Buy broken phones to make room for better things. All phones function the same. Besides the camera and some additional features, the basic priority is to make calls, rather than communicate. 

If you are a person whose basic necessities are fulfilled. Or someone who just simply wants a spare phone to improve communication, buying broken phones is the perfect option for you. You will save money and eliminate any additional charges. But it is important to draw the line and understand which broken phones are acceptable and which aren’t. 

What considers as broken? 

If you go to buy broken phones, you will meet with a plethora of options. It will range from minor broken phones to heavily damaged ones. Therefore you need to make your choice after a lot of examinations. Hence, here are some things that will help you determine what is acceptably broken and what is not: 

  • The entire screen may be cracked
  • Having a lot of scratches. There may be dents around the corner or the phone surface may be chipped.  
  • Microphones or speakers may not be working properly. They could be entirely damaged as well. 
  • The keyboard could be corrupted. Or if you opt for a touch screen, the touch may not be functioning properly. 
  • The battery could be missing altogether. Or in some cases, the battery may lose the power to retain the charge. 
  • If the phone is dead altogether. This means that either the display is corrupted or the battery has issues. 
  • SIM card window may be broken 
  • The operating system does not function properly it may be completely broken.

The sole reason why these are still forgiven when you buy broken phones is that. These issues are fixable. Moreover, may not require much money to become fully functioning. These phones are sold and are accepted to be sold because they can easily manage the defects without losing much money. A small tweaking here and there would make the phone as good as new. Hence it is safe to consider these points as defects and go on and buy them. 

What are things to consider if you plan to buy broken phones? 

Just as there is something that can be forgiven when you buy broken phones, there are many completely unacceptable things. In those cases, fixing them would require a ton of money which may exceed the original MRP. Those things may look small, but in fact, are quite advanced. to avoid such instances, look out for the following defects and if you find them, do not buy broken phones

  • If the mobile was reported to be stolen
  • If the network is expelled 
  • If the phone is on the Checkmend blacklist 
  • If there was water damage by the first owner.
  • Needless to say, if the phone was twisted and broken apart altogether 
  • If you find the SIM or memory card simply stuck together
  • When buying flip phones, check if the sides or hinges are broken or chipped 
  • If the device seems even slightly fake. 

Some of these things are though fixable, they will give you horrible service in the long run. Maybe not even long-term. You may find out problems within the first few days of buying broken phones and then you are stuck with it. Therefore, avoid such phones if you find any of the above defects. 


Boundaries are very important. When you buy broken phones make sure, those boundaries are met so you do not end up regretting your decision. Nonetheless, there are many phones which are fixable but are simply thrown away. Hence check for those phones and opt for one which are least problematic. 


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