Tips and Precautions for Choosing a Robot Vacuum Cleaner


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The popularity of smart home( appliances does not so much make us “lazy”, it should actually be said that it saves our time and energy. As a new small household appliance, the robot vacuum cleaner has always attracted much attention. It has captured the favor of many young consumers because of its intelligent clean floor hygiene. Of course, whether the robot vacuum cleaner is good or not, you have to speak with strength. How to choose a smart robot vacuum cleaner?

1. Robot vacuum cleaner purchase skills

Positioning navigation

The robot vacuum cleaner is smart or not, and its positioning technology plays a vital role. Currently, there are mainly two positioning technologies, visual navigation and laser navigation, on the market.

Visual navigation occupies a certain market due to its low cost. The principle is to capture the picture information through the installed camera to obtain the position information of the sweeper to build the map. The disadvantage is that the use of visual ranging often shows the phenomenon of position drift, and the positioning is only Will produce deviations.

The principle of laser navigation is to scan the entire room through laser ranging induction to obtain environmental information processing maps, which can update and build maps in real time, and the drawn maps are highly accurate.


The robot vacuum cleaner mainly relies on suction to clean the ground, so the greater the suction value, the stronger the cleaning power. At present, the suction power of the sweeper is mostly 2000PA-2500PA. It is recommended to choose a sweeper with a larger suction power as much as possible.

In addition, you can also pay more attention to the lower suction gear when purchasing, and multiple gears can meet the cleaning needs of different scenes. It is also worth mentioning that the size of suction is closely related to the motor. Generally choose the best-performance Japanese NIDEC brushless motor, which not only has strong power, but also has long service life and low operating noise.


The operation mode of the robot vacuum cleaner affects its experience. Now mainstream sweepers can be connected to APP to operate. It usually contains functions such as restricted area cleaning, area cleaning, real-time map, remote control, and scheduled cleaning, which greatly enriches the interactive experience.

However, the APP interface design of different sweeper brands is different, and the specific experience depends on the individual.

2. Pay attention to these details when buying

Be sure to pay attention to the coverage and cleaning ability of the robot vacuum cleaner. The two complement each other and are indispensable. A robot vacuum cleaner with path planning is the first choice.

For example, observe whether the robot vacuum cleaner can be cleaned at zero distance. If this effect cannot be achieved, there will be a blind spot on the wall. This kind of robot vacuum cleaner is not recommended for everyone to buy.

Some places that are difficult to clean in daily cleaning, such as the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa, etc. If the robot vacuum cleaner can clean, it is a robot vacuum cleaner with excellent cleaning effect.

Be sure to see whether the height of the robot vacuum cleaner matches your own furniture. If the choice is not appropriate, the robot vacuum cleaner may get stuck at the bottom of the cabinet or the bottom of the bed during the cleaning process.

Don’t ignore the secondary pollution. Many robot vacuum cleaners have used HEPA filters at the air outlets, which have a very good effect on the filtration of fine dust. When purchasing, pay attention to the design of the direction of the air outlet of the machine, otherwise the strong wind from the rear air outlet may blow up the uncleaned dust and dirt on the ground, causing secondary pollution.


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