Tips to Outrank Bigger Sites for High Competition Keywords?


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So you want to beat the top sites in the keyword battle. You have done your keyword research and know the keywords that will help you rank. But competing for keywords with big sites which draw a lot of traffic is no small feat. 

When it comes to keyword competition, make sure you are concentrating on things that do influence rankings. Word count is not a factor in rankings. Google does not rank you higher just because you write more words. Your Core Web Vitals scores do not have a direct correlation with rankings. Your domain could be old. However, it is not a factor in rankings. So what could you do to compete with big sites? Here are a few tips:

Optimize Title Tag & Meta Description

The user will see your title tag when he types something related to your site. You have to make sure that it is neat and captivating for more impressions. Your title tag should tell what your company stands for, the history, and the area of expertise. So you have to optimize your title tag to hook in as many people as possible. An SEO service company can help you with that. The Meta Description is a snippet of the contents of your page. You need to add information that your users will find helpful. Adding keywords that match the user intent in your meta description helps you rank higher. Optimizing title tags and meta description drives you a lot of traffic. If your users find your information helpful, they are more likely to click. More impressions help you with rankings. Therefore it is essential to focus on providing answers to people’s queries. For that, first, optimize the title tag and meta description. Research before you find an affordable SEO company that offers high-quality service.

Link Building

Getting ranked higher is not achieved in a single night. You need to focus on things that help improve rankings slowly, gradually, and consistently. Link-building is slow and hard work. It pays off in the long run. It is worthwhile to learn about the different types of link-building. Link-building is an indispensable part of your SEO efforts.

There are two types of link building. Both play a critical role in rankings.

Internal Links

Internal links are links between different pages of your website. Internal links allow crawlers to scan your pages. Your audience will find your internal links helpful to navigate through. Internal links make your website more discoverable and help crawlers to index it. It also allows different pages in your website to rank and boosts the overall rankings of your website. Internal links reduce bounce rates and make your audience stick to your site for a long time. You need to link your articles to other content that is related topically. You need to analyze your pages and connect old pages with the best-performing ones. Internal link building should have the goal of helping the customers. Trying to beat the machines does not serve the best interests of your audience. It will harm your rankings. Blog posts, product pages, and category pages can be linked. It will increase the usability of the site.


Backlinks or Inbound links redirect users to your website from other websites or social media pages. Backlinks bring you more traffic from authority sites. Backlinks boost your credibility and discoverability. Google rewards high-value links and punishes those trying to climb the rankings through tricks and tactics. Also, make sure that your backlinks come from sites that are relevant to your niche. Google’s algorithm favors contextual and topical content. A referral from someone in a different domain might not influence your rankings much. The frequency and the time lapsed between getting referrals is also a factor. You need to aggressively market your website to show Google that you are genuinely interested in helping users. Also, you have to get referrals from reputed sites. The location of your link sites is also a crucial factor. It is necessary to make sure that your inbound links sit on the main body of the content. An SEO service company helps you with backlinks but ensures whether it is an affordable SEO company.


Everything in your site must focus on making things simpler for your audience. You have to optimize your pages to retain users. More impressions and lower bounce rates correlate to higher rankings. Most people are too busy to read word-for-word. They skim and scan through your content. You have to be as precise as possible to get your message across. Write short sentences and use bulletins. Add charts, graphs, and infographics. They help your audience to size up the information presented with ease. Use relevant keywords that sit comfortably in your content. Never stuff your content with keywords. Break-up text into smaller segments invites people to read even if they are scrolling through. User-friendly content will help your keywords when they are only a few. 


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