Top 3 Online Certifications Offered by the ASFA


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Are you a fitness professional who wants to expand your knowledge and skills in this career path? 

The American Sports and Fitness Association is an online platform that provides resources for fitness professionals. The organization provides participants with quality testing, certifications, and educational materials for fitness professionals. 

ASFA certification programs are flexible to fit each learner’s style and pace. The organization has also partnered with several other groups such as Berxi and Human Kinetics to educate and empower fitness professionals in making fitness simple, practical, and intentional.

Additionally, it is easier for a fitness professional with an ASFA certification to expand their client base as the certification is extra proof of credibility. 

Here are the three top certifications offered by ASFA that you can consider.

  1. ASFA Group Fitness Certification

Group workouts are fun and motivating. From yoga to Zumba, you cannot miss a group workout suited to you. Whatever your choice, group fitness is a great way of adding a group dimension to your workout with participants of a similar mindset.

ASFA provides certificates for a variety of group fitness to reach an individual’s goals. Fitness professionals who want to advance their skills in fitness knowledge and fundamentals can get this certification right from the comfort of their homes as the programs are offered online. 

  1. Personal Training Certification

Personal coaching certifications are becoming essential in the coaching career and for most people in the fitness career path, working as a personal trainer is the best way to break into the industry. 

Certification as a personal trainer will likely help you land more jobs as it will improve your knowledge and make you a more attractive option to both individual and corporate clients. 

You will learn the basics involving exercise science, body movement, fitness, as well as personalized coaching. 

  1. ASFA Coaching Certifications

By getting an ASFA coaching certification, fitness professionals can learn and master elite coaching strategies, better techniques of self-care, nutritional strategies, and lifestyle fitness. These are skills that will not only prove beneficial to you but to others with whom you’ll work, so they can also realize their potential. 

ASFA will provide you with coaching material that you will study and when you’re ready, you will take an online examination which is great for fitness professionals with a busy schedule.

Winding It Up

The fitness industry is fast-changing and to stay relevant, you need to update your skills as regularly as possible. So, if you’re wondering which ASFA certification program is better than the other. Your eventual choice depends on your preference and career objectives. 

However, there is no limit to the courses you can take and all programs are open to anyone interested in fitness, whether or not they are professionals. 

Additionally, the courses do not require class attendance or workshops, and you pay only for the exam to get the certificate. In case you fail, you can do the exam over and over until you pass.

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