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Today, there are numerous EMR software options on the market. However, choosing the best EMR vendor can be challenging for any healthcare practitioner. Even if you are currently utilizing EMR software, it may not be performing as well as you would like. While there are several reasons you would want to transfer vendors, the most common is that they do not meet the needs of the Meaningful Use Act. This article will discuss one of the top-tier EMR software, athena EMR, its pricing, reviews, and the significant features you may examine during the demo.

athena EMR Modules

athena is a robust medical software to assist clinics with various clinical, administrative, and billing duties. It employs cutting-edge technology to make healthcare more advanced. athena provides special EMR software as well as other modules that are equally amazing. Here are athena’s five modules:

  • athenaClinicals: An EMR module that assists in simplifying, streamlining, and automating clinical and administrative procedures.
  • athenaClarity: Using athenaClarity, you can easily manage all of your operations and money.
  • athenaCoordinator: This module makes it easier to collaborate with your patients, medical staff, and other practitioners.
  • athenaCommunicator: Instead of relying on third-party apps, you may do consultation conference calls with other practitioners and patients.
  • athenaCollector: A practice management tool that aids in the streamlining, simplification, and automation of workflows.

athena Demo

athena offers a free demo that you can avail yourself of to explore the software thoroughly. According to reviews, users recommend scheduling an athena EMR demo as it helps you analyze the software in a live healthcare setting. When you try out athena in the form of the athena demo, you’ll notice that it includes many features that make it a legitimate rival in the health record software sector.

athena EMR – Top 7 Features

Appointment Scheduling

One of the standout benefits of this software is the scheduling tool, which makes your life and the lives of your patients much easier! With the scheduling option, you may manage your daily work plan to see the maximum number of patients each day and boost your revenue. In addition, if a patient cancels at the last minute, the waitlist feature makes another appointment in its place, guaranteeing that you do not spend a single minute wasted. You can find more information on this feature in the athena EHR demo.

Patient Portal

Another helpful element is the patient portal, which helps to alleviate the burden of tasks on your shoulders. With this option, your patients can access their medical records to manage their therapy with you. This robust feature enables users to do various duties, including arranging their appointments, keeping track of upcoming meetings, and securely communicating with you.

All of this is quite beneficial on both ends. Your patients will feel more involved in their medical care, and you will be able to lessen the number of day-to-day tasks you previously had. The athena EMR demo gives a comprehensive view of the patient portal. 

Customized Features

athena is well-known for providing customized features according to your specialty. You can configure features and templates as well as modify them according to your needs. The athena demo gives you an overview of all robust features. 


Another essential feature of athena EHR that you should look into during the athena EHR demo is the unified dashboard, which will be helpful! Because of this feature, you have a single location where you can simply view all of the functions of this software and flip between them as you choose. This makes it much easier to navigate the software. As a result, your learning curve is also significantly decreased.

Electronic Prescription

With the e-prescription tool, you may create prescriptions remotely, eliminating the need for your patient to come in just to acquire a piece of paper from you. Instead, your patient can walk directly to the pharmacy of their choice and pick up their prescription. This feature makes things easy not only for you but also for your patient. During the athena EMR demo, you can explore this functionality in detail.

Clinical Documentation

athena EHR helps you streamline your documentation process by automating it. For example, you can create patient charts virtually with a few clicks. Moreover, customized features and templates further simplify the entire process. 


The best EHR software systems do not include telehealth services, even though they are a valuable and required component of your healthcare business. Telehealth services enable you to provide care to your patients over the internet, typically using a HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing application.

During the Covid-19 global pandemic, Telehealth technology came to the rescue. This service is advantageous since it allows you to consult patients electronically, hence preventing disease spread. The athena EMR demo helps you navigate through this feature.  

How Much Does the athena EHR cost?

If you have any questions concerning athena EHR pricing, don’t hesitate to contact the seller via the official website. The program is reasonably priced and less expensive than some of its market competitors. The software costs roughly $140 per provider per month, to begin with, and grows to depend on the number of doctors using it in a given workplace.

athena EMR – User Reviews

According to athena EHR reviews, the program has an easy-to-use interface. Users can get information without making any more clicks. In addition, the system is available at a reasonable price when compared to the capabilities it provides.

The most common issue with the program, on the other hand, is that the design is out of date, even though the interface is simple to use. The company should update the user interface to make it more visually appealing.

Our Two Bits

We recommend requesting an athena EHR demo from the vendor to see if the program appeals to you after seeing it in operation. Then you can make a knowledgeable decision about athena EHR and assess whether or not it is worth your time and money. You can also read athena EHR reviews to see how it compares to what you anticipate from your EHR software to make a more informed decision.

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