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Link Juice is a term (non-technical) that is used to refer to the hyperlink and its importance on a website or a page that is used for different purposes. The effect of quality hyperlinks is among top factors to get ranking for your website on search engine. If you have a local business, you need to get other local websites and businesses to your own company or business in order to get quality results. You need to add local business of yours on such places that can give your more benefits regarding your product as compared to those that have fewer engagements with people whom we say audience.

Most of the Google users’ searches are done on local internet, for local businesses. From past few years, the searches with “near me” have been seen more as compared to the traditional and usual search on Google. An interesting factor is that when people search for a local business, they go to the store same day when they search for it online. So, you need to add links to the website for making it more visible and reachable to your target audience. Here are some top places to add local business for getting quality link juice.

Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the top most demanding and effective places to add local business. This is the largest platform because of its power to share in-depth and important information. The reason of its popularity is that it connects with the potential customers on both ways; Google Search and Google Maps which make your site more visible to the users. It gives the edge to show and give idea to the target audience about your local business. More organic traffic is to be derived to your local business, website, and social platforms that you are using for your business.

Google My Business is a preferred choice of local business owners because it gives your target audience a clearer and authentic view regarding important information such as location, hours, customer review, etc. According to a research, 74% of users visit a store on the basis of that information which they find online. Google My Business gives you huge benefit of advertising your local business and shows it to the consumers that help to increase your sales quickly.


Google has surrounded everything and captured the attention of the world hugely, but there are some other effective platforms too for quick search, such as Bing. It is one of the most often used platform for search after Google. It is a default search engine on the Windows devices and it makes easy for the consumers to search really quickly for getting the maximum results regarding local business near them. So, you can use Bing to add local business of yours and make it visible to your target audience within no time. 


Yelp is a popular site that is used by the customers to reach their target business. It has almost 142 million users that visit Yelp each month and this factor makes it one of the top most customer-review sites. You can add local business at Yelp for making it more visible to the potential customers within a quick time frame because when millions of yours view a site on which you have linked your business, the chances of reaching your company are increased. Through Yelp, you can have more user viewing and feasibility to advertise your business within not time.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, Facebook is one of the top used and popular platforms for adverting your business. It has an estimated 2.89 billion users across the world. These users make it a wonderful platform to add local business of yours because more people are inclined towards the information that they get through social media platforms which are also used for selling and purchasing purpose and Facebook is one of them. Just like Google My Business, you can provide important information of your local business on Facebook by providing hyperlinks and other sources to get maximum traffic to your site. This information includes hours, address, and services, etc.

One feature that makes Facebook a top demanding place to add local business is that it gives you the edge to connect with your customers. You can have a direct conversation with them and answer their queries regarding your business. Studies show that people prefer to contact to a business or a company through social media because it not only gives the benefit to communicate with the business owners, but also it provides images and visual presence of your products that make it easy for the customers to have a check on the services and the quality provided by a business. You can easily add local business here and reach your target audience quickly.


LinkedIn is not exactly used to reach a business and purchase something online, but it definitely gives the benefit to add a link of your website and let people know about it. Its domain has quite an authority and it proves to be one of the top effective platforms for decision makers of the company (like CEO and the people who have an authority). So, when you add local business via links and hyperlinks here, the chances of its visibility are enhanced and it gets noticed by more potential audience that you want to connect to.


It is a social networking app for sharing with your friends. In past few years, it has become a location-data powerhouse that collects the location data of a business and makes it possible for other application and businesses to reach your business by giving them data. Those applications for which Foursquare makes possible to reach your company include Apple Maps, Uber and AirBNB.

Today it has become a lot easier to advertise your business online and grow it through most effective strategies. If you just have started a business at local level, you have multiple options to add local business at one or more of the top searching places to get your target audience.

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