Top Reasons Remote Field Service Is Widely Popular In 2021


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Remote field service is one of the main selling points of the majority of enterprises. When choosing who to do business with, the majority of clients ask – what happens if I have an emergency? How long will I have to wait until they respond, arrive, and resolve the matter?

From the perspective of an entrepreneur, this issue isn’t insignificant either. Field service requires a special hiring process, as well as highly-professional coordination.

This is one of the main reasons why remote field services are getting more and more popular by the hour. Here are the top five arguments to support this claim.

Reduction of manual paperwork

The first thing worth mentioning here is the fact that the automation that comes with a good remote field service does wonders for your paperwork. The automation and digitalization of the process in question ensures that the reports are automatically submitted, as well.

First of all, manually filled paperwork is more likely to contain human-made errors. Second, it takes time. Sure, it might not be much time if done regularly but put together, it is still a loss of work hours that could be directed towards productivity.

Also, keep in mind that people aren’t always conscientious enough to do these reports on time. This means that they postpone this task until the end of the month. Then, they start filling in the reports based on the notes they’ve made prior and are even more likely to make a mistake. Also, what if you need the report right away? All of these problems and scenarios are something that a remote field service should resolve.

Better job scheduling

Without field service software or professional third-party field services, you would have to hire a full-time (remote) field service coordinator. Sure, you can still hire a field service coordinator and get a professional tool. If anything, this would help increase their efficiency by quite a margin.

Scheduling requires the coordinator in question to work directly with customers (participate in meetings and even see how the field service team is performing in the field). In other words, there’s a lot more footwork than you would expect. They are also directly in charge of the service delivery management and in-field operations. Put together, they have both the supervisory and the executive responsibility.

Without the right tool (or outside help), you would have to find someone with at least 5 to 7 years of experience in the field. Other than this, they would also need to prove their ability in this complex work environment. Fortunately, with the right system, even someone with less experience should show impressive results. By hiring a remote coordinator, however, you get the best of both worlds.

Improved response for emergency jobs

Emergencies test your mettle and determine what kind of reputation you will have in the eyes of your customers. So, how does a great field service system improve your performance during emergency jobs?

You see, some enterprises solve this issue by hiring emergency response technicians. This, however, requires a high level of knowledge (probably even specialization in emergency response). It also requires you to have a team on standby, which is something that the majority of enterprises simply can’t afford.

This brings us back to our previous point – superior scheduling. Other than this, the right management system can do wonders for proactive maintenance and emergency preparation. This means that even your regular field teams will be able to perform admirably under such conditions. This alone would be enough to justify the popularity of remote field service in 2021.

Superior streamlining of work orders

How does remote field service help you streamline your work orders? It’s simple. First, you get the privilege of scheduling service calls in real-time. This allows you to boost technician punctuality, which is already a massive customer experience boost.

Sharing data with your field team in real-time will also minimize the likelihood of them misunderstanding the work order. In fact, a seasoned field team will be able to interpret the incident report on their own (probably even more accurately than a field team coordinator). If there’s any type of support, special orders, or additional equipment necessary, the downtime caused by awaiting its arrival will be significantly lower, as well.

From the perspective of cost reduction, seeing as how a lot of emergency response depends on spare parts, this allows you to track their stocks and costs in real-time. Once again, there’s no delay and no downtime.

Route management

While this may sound like a part of fleet management, the truth is that route management makes a world of difference when it comes to the effectiveness of your remote field service. How? Well, because some of the equipment and tools that you might have to haul across the town might be huge or have quite bad fuel economy. This helps minimize the costs.

Second, proper route management will reduce the response time. Previously, we’ve discussed the importance of emergency job response. Being there in 20 minutes and taking 45 minutes to get there might not seem like too much difference, but it is more than significant. It completely changes the way your clients perceive you and describe you to others. WOM (word of mouth) has a serious impact on your overall brand strategy, which is why it’s an extremely relevant topic.

Lastly, while commuting is a part of the job, the truth is that it is a bit of downtime. The client at the next location will wait for the team to arrive, and you’ll have to dismiss the team as “immediately available.” With the proper management, this can be averted, as well.

In Conclusion

Your field service is one of the most important departments in your enterprise. It is the part of your firm that has direct (face-to-face) contact with your clients, which means that it represents you when it matters the most. Remote field service helps keep this clean, efficient, and operational at all times. Add to this all the benefits we’ve listed above, and you’ll be able to see the full significance of this option in 2021.


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