Top Reasons why Bajaj Finance FD is the Best Investment Option for Women


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As a working woman or entrepreneur, you might feel the need for a saving option that would yield high returns in a risk-free way. Bajaj Finance FD is a safe fixed deposit for women as it is considered to be a stable investment platform by even the top credit rating institutions like CRISIL and ICRA. Also, this FD scheme assures that you can withdraw your deposits anytime you need them. Moreover, the option of getting a loan against deposits gives you an easy way to procure funds in times of financial need. The other reasons that make Bajaj Finance FD a profitable investment avenue for women are stated below:

Fixed returns 

As FDs offer fixed returns upon maturity, you don’t have to feel ambiguous about the maturity amount. The fixed deposit calculator that you will find on its portal helps you to predict the returns without any error. 

Bajaj Finance FD offers a non-cumulative FD type through which you can withdraw interest after every year, six months, 3 months, or a month. Therefore, if you need a stable income option, you can invest in this investment avenue. You can also use the FD calculator to find the interest payouts that a specific amount and tenor will provide. 

Higher returns 

Bajaj Finance FD offers a higher interest rate to women investors as well. As the interest rate can be as high as 6.75%, your returns will be high enough to manage your future financial goals. Also, the flexible tenor that spans from 12 to 60 months allows you to plan for your periodic and long-term goals seamlessly. 

Bajaj Finance FD offers better returns as compared to conventional investments like a savings account and RDs. RDs gather interest for the full period only for the first deposit whereas the FDs earn interest for the lumpsum amount throughout the tenor. This along with the higher FD returns offered by Bajaj Finance FD will allow you to reach your investment goals without any issues. 

Option to start early 

As investing Rs. 25,000 is enough to deposit in Bajaj Finance FD, you can start earning considerable interest from a young age. As a women FD investor, you also can invest in the SDP (Systematic Deposit Plan) offered by Bajaj Finance. This investment option lets you invest a fixed amount every month. Make deposits between 6 and 48 according to your financial obligations. Also, you can choose a tenor for up to 60 months for each of the monthly deposits. 

Moreover, you have the option of withdrawing the interest gains along with the invested amount on a single date by choosing the Single Maturity Scheme variant. This variant adjusts the tenor of each deposit in such a way that all the deposits mature on a single day. Or else, you can receive the interest payouts along with the deposited amount every month once the deposits mature. For that, you need to invest in the Monthly Maturity Scheme of SDP that enables you to pick the same tenor for every deposit. 

If you are a senior citizen, you could reap the benefits of a 0.25% higher FD interest rate by investing in the senior citizen fixed deposit scheme. Also, an online FD form is provided to promote an easy investment process for everyone. The documentation can also be completed online through the CKYC procedure. A 0.10% higher FD rate on in applicable if you invest online.

The multi-deposit feature lets you select a unique tenor and amount to ladder your investments. The multi-deposit option allows you to pick both cumulative and non-cumulative FD types simultaneously. All these features and benefits make Bajaj Finance FD the best fixed deposit for women. 


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