Travel Guide To Newcastle – The Attractive Northern City 


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Newcastle upon Tyne is the Northeast’s lively party capital, a city that has pushed off its previous industrial image to re-design itself as a refined vacationer location. The attractive downtown area boasts a lively nightlife, heavenly cultural heritage, and a burgeoning student population, which have all added to the city’s growing reputation.

The home of Newcastle United football club, Brown Ale, and the iconic Tyne Bridge, the city thrived during the Industrial Revolution as a center for the wool trade and coal mining. As Newcastle’s neighborhood economy developed, so too did the city’s infrastructure, and as a result the city presently boasts one the biggest collections of neoclassical buildings in the UK, a significant number of which are right now housing the boutique shops, eateries, and popular bars. 

Reasons Why You Should Go?

Newcastle will very likely interest anybody that enjoys a good night out, with countless bars, cafés, and dance clubs. There are a few theaters and live music venues in Newcastle, including the 11,000 capacity of Metro Radio Arena, which attracts top international acts. Visit in September to take part and enjoy in the well-known Great North Run. 

Best Time to Go? 

As you would expect being right up in the north-east of England, temperatures in Newcastle rarely reach the pleasant highs of those in the south, but a bit of cold and rain have never dampened the spirits of Newcastle’s army of revelers who make their way toward the popular Bigg Market and the Quayside on a Friday and Saturday night. Newcastle is without a doubt a year-round destination for incredible nightlife. 

How to Arrive There? 

Domestic flights to Newcastle Airport (NCL) are easily accessible from every corner of the UK. With several low-cost carriers operating on domestic routes. easyJet has Newcastle departures from Stansted, Bristol, and Belfast International, while Flybe offers flights to Newcastle from Exeter, Guernsey, Jersey, London Gatwick, Cardiff, Southampton, and Belfast City Airport. 

BA flies from London to Newcastle and Eastern Airways can get you there from Birmingham and Aberdeen. Air Southwest departure from Newquay or Plymouth. If you are looking to go there? Just visit the british airlines official website and get your flight ticket to Newcastle. Also, save up to 45% off on online booking.

Attractions You Should See 

The Baltic Center for Contemporary Art based on the south bank of the River Tyne in a previous flour factory contains exhibits from both local and international artists just as serving as a location for performance art. 

For a taste of local history, discover how the city got its name with a visit to the now very old ‘New Castle’, initially built by the son of William the Conqueror and later some time added to by Henry II. The Metro Radio Arena has top groups, dance troupes and comedy acts in a seated indoor field. The Life Science Center elements feature exhibitions and activities for youngsters and adults, uncovering sci-fi and science truth in an interesting & fascinating environment.

In the Nutshell

In the end, we think that this blog may inspire you and you have enjoyed it while reading the above article. We ensure that it will definitely encourage you to visit this place with your family or friend on your upcoming vacation. So, why wait? Start planning for your next getaway and book a cheap flight ticket to Newcastle on AirlinesMap. Known as one of the most trustworthy and finest travel portals for flight and hotel booking. 

So, without any doubt? Pack your bags, get the seat confirmed and surprise your family or friends with a wonderful trip and start enjoying vacation over there. 


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