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Tyres are one of the most significant yet highly ignored parts of the vehicle. We often take care of the engine, suspension, body, and other car components but forget about the tyres. It is said that after an accident, one should immediately replace the tyres but even, in that case, people replace all the parts of the car but not the tyres. It is because tyres are usually long-lasting, and if used properly, they give you 4-5 years easily, but it is important to understand that longevity of tyres depends solely on us. Let us discuss why it is important to take care of the Tyres and how we can do so.

Advantage of Proper Tyre Care and Maintain  

Reduces Cost

The cost of repairing the tyres Stafford  is generally high, and therefore you should make sure they are not damaged much. You can even do damage control by checking the tyres after every hundred miles for damage and taking them to the garage.

Increases Performance

The performance of the tyre depends on its health and quality. The tyre is responsible for providing traction, stability and handling on the road. Both sidewall and treads of the tyre play an important role in its performance, and if they are damaged, you cannot expect a tyre to give optimised performance.


Safety should be your priority while driving. There are certain risks involved in driving a car, so the use of worn or bald tyres is strictly prohibited in some countries. However, it is important to maintain the shape of the tyres to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

How to Maintain the Car Tyres

Regular Car Wash

There are lots of benefits of regular washing your car and its tyres. It makes them look attractive and removes the unwanted particles that get fixed on the tyres. These particles sometimes slowly destroy the rubber compound. Hence, it would help if you washed your tyres regularly.

Maintain Accurate Air Pressure

Air pressure is important for tyres as it helps them roll. When the tyre is deflated, it increases the rolling resistance. Sometimes the air support is provided to tyres by the sidewall, but mainly it is provided by the tube inside the tyres. It is advisable to check the air pressure from time to ensure that the tyre is fully inflated to avoid unwanted events in the future.

Check The Treads

The tread of the tyre is designed with different patterns and tread blocks that perform different roles. There are different types of tyres available, and they have different treads but what is common among them is that treads are responsible for making contact with the road. Treads should not fall below 1.6 mm, or they are considered risky and unsafe for the passengers. You can take the coin test and determine the depth of the tread. In some states, it is illegal to have treads that fall below 1.6 mm.

Drive Carefully

Rash driving is one of the reasons for the wearing of the tyres. If you use tyres keeping in mind their importance, they will have a longer running life. It is not advisable to drift your car without reason or go at a very high speed. A driver’s behaviour is one of the most important reasons that determine the health of the tyres.


It is important to take care of your car tyres to ensure the health and safety of the vehicle and the passengers. Cars are a necessity in today’s life, and it is only logical to treat them with utmost care. Tyres are generally costly, and you do not buy them very often; and therefore it is vital to take good care of your current Car Tyres Cannock


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