Visit the Indian spices shop, buy the common Indian spices and learn how to use them


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There are over 40 different varieties of Indian spices, many are unheard of and used regionally. There are some essential spices that are used in about all Indian food and all the Indian spices can be paired with any cuisine in right measures for rich aroma and flavors. So, look for an “Indian food market near me” and find an Indian spices shop that stocks the rich spices that the country has traded internationally for centuries. You can combine the traditional spices and create your own beautiful culinary delights. If you are not up for blending spices, then buy some ready mixes that can be sprinkled to get the balance of tastes. 

Know your spices before reaching the Indian food market near me

The first step before visiting the Indian spices shop is to learn the name of the common spices so that you know what to ask for. The most commonly used spices are turmeric (haldi), cumin (jeera), Green Cardamom (choti Ilayachi), coriander seeds (dhaniya), Star anise (chakra phul), black cardamom (badi ilayachi), mustard (rai) seeds and Ginger (Adrak). Among the blended spice mix your kitchen must have the garam masala which is practically used to flavor every North Indian curry. They also use a lot of sun dried produces such as aamchur powder (dried mango powder), anardana (coarsely ground pomegranate seeds), black pepper powder, chilli powder and sun dried fenugreek leaves. Apart from these some other sun dried seeds, stalks and leaves include fenugreek (methi) seeds, Bay leaves (tej patta), cinnamon (dalchini), fennel seeds (saunf), carom seeds (ajwain), nutmeg (jaiphal), mace (javitri), cloves and curry leaves (kadhi patta). 

Why should I buy these from the Indian food market near me?

These spices are imported from India, so even if you buy them form a regular store, most likely they have themselves bought it from the same supplier in India. The benefit of shopping at the Indian spices shop is the guidance you are likely to get form the storekeeper or a friendly shopper who can tell you which spice would complement the recipe you have in mind. Cooking is an art and when you are cooking for company it is important to do it with care. If you overuse turmeric, your food may turn to be bitter. Not using the right amount of chilli powder may actually reduce the spicy notes you were trying to get.

How do I use the Indian spices? 

You can use the Indian spices to marinate meat or vegetables before frying them, barbecuing, or even cooking it. mix the spices with some curd or other acidic agent and taste the blend of spices absorbed in meat and make it tender. You can fry the Indian spices to take out some of the heat from their flavour and add ginger garlic paste or onions before tossing in the main vegetables or meat to cook it to perfection. You can also use the spices to make your blend of sauces for pasta night that have an Indian flavour. At the Indian food market near me you can pick incredible food kits that come with blended spices that are ready to use and even give directions on how and when to add them. you can visit the Indian spices shop for purchasing restaurant quality Indian meal kit which requires very little culinary handling from you and are fast to cook. 

Where is the Indian food market near me?

Search online and you will find an extensive list of Indian spices shop in your neighborhood that sell premium quality spices of every kind. Whether you are cooking South Asian cuisine, Eastern European delicacies or South American meals, these spices will bring a unique flair that will make your dish stand out. Spices are known to be great for the immune system and are also part of many home remedial cures. So, don’t miss out on buying premium grade spices form the local Indian food market near me. There are online Indian spices shops where you can browse and buy what you are looking for and have your groceries delivered home. 

So, go visit the Indian market near me and pick premium spices for your next big party.


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