What color is tan? Everything you need to know


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People around the world have distinct styles, which helps us in distinguishing where to take inspiration from. 

Similarly, we have a never-ending colour spectrum. While you’re looking at say a Chartreuse jumpsuit and you have absolutely no idea if it’s lemon yellow or fluoroscent shade of green. 

How would you then be specific about your preferences?  We have you covered, don’t worry! 

After considerable research we have come across a noteworthy question, What color is tan?’  and I think i have a decent answer for that in this article. 

Foundation of tan : 

Tan like some other shades of Brown is already considered to be an elite color. That could possibly have happened because of it’s usage in the leather industry. 

But fortunately, tan isn’t limited to any specific status. It has been remarkebly utilised in uniform making and widely in the automobile industry. 

So, you’ve already guessed bynow that tan isn’t a primary colour, it has been developed by mixing brown and white or even orange at times depending on the saturation level you aspire. 

But don’t limit yourself to the idea of tan you have in mind, as i mentioned earlier that tan has evolved into having tons of other tones. 

You can restrict the base colours used in making tan i.e blue, red and yellow but here is where it gets exciting. Try-out with hues like pink, black etc. 

This will get you original and breathtaking variations on what color is tan exactly. 

DIY tan make up that rightfully suits your skin tone – 

Materials that you’d need for mixing a subtle shade of tan are as follows : 

* acrylic facial paint 

* different sized paintbrushes 

* palette 

* airbrush 

* glass of water 

* dauber 

Now, the first step towards creating your desired tan will be with adding white in the palette. Then with a brush mix and seperate the colour globules. 

The logic behind why you’d add a lighter hue first so that you have the utmost control over the change in it’s saturation, brightness, contrast and everything else. 

Mix the brown gradually, you can always add later on if you want to! 

Now’s where it gets really tricky, it is important that you understand how colors blend with one another. Adding the red, blue and yellow will change the tone of our tan color. You may also use adjusted amounts of black to reflect a greyish tan. 

Not only the tone but also the vibrancy will increase.. 

Is tan and beige similar? 

It’s no mystery that tan and beige have similar parent or primary color which is brown. Most of us confuse beige with light tan while selecting furnitures, curtains or car seat covers. 

Brown with orange undertones are usually said to beige and brown with yellow undertones incline more towards being a tan. 

Tan is essentially raw sienna and purple with a tinge of white. While beige has more purple and even more white to it. 

I hope by end of this article you look at colors and speacially on what color is tan dissimilarly. 

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