What is a code-free marketing app and how does it change marketing?


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Creating content that truly engages audiences is one of the main activities of a marketing strategy.

If that business is successful, a business will have the opportunity to attract visitors to its channels and, better than that, create relationships that will represent increased business results in the medium to long term.

As you know, however, the competition in this industry is enormous.

A myriad of content is published on the Internet every day in the most diverse formats, making the job of marketers even more difficult.

On top of that, internet users will only engage with materials that they believe are truly authentic and that can create unique experiences.

It is therefore essential to stay abreast of the most prominent trends. One of them is the use of interactivity as a tool to improve the value of content.

For this, many companies like F95Zone are turning to so-called code-free marketing applications.

These technologies play an important role in the development of truly valuable materials.

Want to know more about the subject? Keep reading to find out!

What is a code-free marketing app?

The name says it all.

A code-free marketing app is an app that allows users to use its features without requiring prior coding knowledge.

Using any of these tools, a marketer can develop different content formats even if they are not proficient in any programming language.

The tool automates the entire process, making development and design steps as easy as drag and drop.

The rise of these marketing apps is linked to the growing demand for fast and profitable apps , as traditional platforms are often seen as too expensive and slow.

Of course, most developers aren’t big fans of this trend, claiming that it limits the resources that can be used to develop content or even a website.

However, it is undeniable that conventional applications may not meet the agility desired for most projects.

In this context, the no-code industry should continue to grow at least for years to come.

According to a Forrester report, this particular market will spend $ 21 billion by 2022.

In another study, conducted by Gartner, the data shows that, by the end of 2024, tools with little or no code are expected to account for no less than 65% of all developments made through marketing applications.

All of this projected success suggests that people find these tools really important to their strategies.

In fact, they offer a lot of benefits, as we will describe in the next topic.

What are the benefits of code-free marketing apps?

Whenever we talk about automation, you can expect us to talk about the first item on our list.

Better time management

One of the main benefits of no-code marketing apps for a business is the ability to complete tasks much faster.

This saves a lot of time that can be invested in more meaningful activities.

Don’t just take our word for it.

A study conducted by Appian found that 80% of marketing developers consider these tools extremely important to avoid spending time on repetitive and tedious tasks.

On the other hand, interviewees said that this reality leads developers to be able to focus on high-level work that cannot be done without their presence.

Thus, code-free marketing applications optimize internal processes throughout the company.

Easy to learn, easy to use

Much of the agility described is due to a shorter learning curve.

If an app doesn’t require coding knowledge, it can be mastered by any professional in a much easier way.

As a result, the workflows created by the marketing team become much more cost effective , eliminating the need to hire IT professionals / tools whenever new demand arises.

Imagine, for example, that you are running an e-commerce business and preparing campaigns for Black Friday on  Eldritch Blast 5e.

To improve your digital sales, you decide to include a banner on your website, calling visitors to action and showing the most relevant offers.

If you aren’t relying on an app with no code, just creating this banner can take a lot of time and money.

The same goes for every content included in a larger digital marketing strategy, especially interactive content.

On the other hand, using a good application without code, you can create not only static banners, but all interactive content in the most varied formats, such as:

  • White papers.
  • Landing pages.
  • Quiz.
  • Infographics.

More satisfied customers

Do you know those interactive pieces we just talked about?

They are very attractive to any visitor, which increases the chances of conversion.

So, by using an app without code, you can deliver great experiences to your audience – and that just might be the biggest benefit here.

After all, this is the only way to get and capture the attention of your characters while educating them and collecting relevant data about their interests, pains, and behaviors.

To do this, you need to understand the next section of this article.

How can you use code-free marketing apps in your content marketing strategy?

As you already know, a Content Marketing strategy aims to provide a quality experience to the persona.

By doing this, a business can support its potential customer through all stages of the buyer’s journey, ensuring a more efficient sales funnel.

Using no-code marketing apps is perfect for creating different pieces and directing them to the right people , creating personalized approaches to achieve different goals.

If your goal is to educate the persona on a particular topic, such as how your solution works, you can opt for creating interactive quizzes.

This format offers a fun and informative experience that benefits both the customer and the business.

As users answer questions and test their knowledge, marketers gain valuable insight into the character’s main doubts, seeing clearly where they are on the buying journey.

Now, creating a quiz without a specialized tool is a task that will require not only time but also dedicated developers.

However, an app without code will speed up the process and ensure that anyone with a basic understanding of technology can develop, design and publish an extraordinary quiz.

It is important to keep in mind that applying this kind of solution to your strategy depends on the goals you are trying to achieve.

So, it’s likely that before you create a quiz to test your persona, you’ll want to create a good landing page to generate more leads.

Again, a no-code marketing app will help you publish rich and valuable interactive pages thus increasing the number of conversions.

As for the last stage of the funnel, where the buyer is ready to make a purchase, one of the most popular formats is the interactive calculator.

Guess what? They can also be easily developed with applications without code.

Customizable calculators are the perfect way to let a prospect see for themselves how your solution can help them overcome their difficulties and challenges.

What are some good options for no-code marketing apps?

After understanding how a marketing app without code influences your results and how you can fit it into your strategy, you might be wondering what alternatives you can use.

Well, in this topic we are going to present some of the most relevant solutions.

Check it out!


Canva is a very popular app for designing everything from website banners to social media posts.

With drag and drop functionality and multiple templates , the app allows anyone to create unique content like Best grenade spots dust 2.

In addition, the platform offers a myriad of colors, fonts, icons and images that you can apply to strengthen your visual identity.


Shopify is a code-free platform that makes it easy to build digital stores.

It is prevalent in the ecommerce world because it allows businesses of all sizes to catalog and sell their products over the internet.

The app can be integrated with several other tools , making it the perfect solution for creating a complete shopping experience.

In addition, businesses can easily automate their payment process in a fast and secure manner.


Ion is a no-code marketing app focused on creating interactive content.

With its quick start features, which include pre-made templates and content , it is possible to design and launch hardware in under an hour.

Some of the formats available include quizzes, landing pages, HuniePop 2, eBooks, solution finders, and reviews.

The platform is extremely easy to use and gives you complete creative control without the need for code.

Conclusion: Codeless Marketing Apps Are Inevitable

Invest in it if you want to take your digital strategy to the next level.

They make the process of designing and launching pages and content much faster and more manageable , allowing you to explore your creativity without compromising your time management goals.

If you aren’t using one yet, maybe it’s time to start rethinking the way you conduct your digital marketing strategy.

Considered the world’s best interactive content platform , Ion is an example of a code-free marketing app that has a lot to offer your business.



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