What Is power bi vs tableau


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What Is power bi vs tableau

In Today’s Post, You Will Know What Is Power BI, Power Bi In Hindi, In Many Of Our Previous Articles, We Have Explained To You About The Importance Of Data, And Have Told How The Foundation Of Today’s Digital Age Is Based On Data. Is.

In This Episode, We Have Explained To You In Our Previous Post About (BI) Business Intelligence , That It Is A Process In Which The Data Generated From Business Operations Is Collected, Stored, Integrated And Analyzed, And They Follow All The Best Practices. So That More And More Data Based Decisions Can Be Taken In The Business. All This Is Possible Only When Raw Data Is Converted Into Meaningful Information With The Help Of BI, So That Important Business Decisions Can Be Taken On The Basis Of That Information. 

With The Passage Of Time, There Has Been A Lot Of Progress In The Field Of Business Intelligence, Where Many New Tools And Techniques Have Been Incorporated, So That More And More Queries And Challenges Related To Data Can Be Tackled. One Of These Tools Of BI Is Also The Latest Tool Power Bi, So Let’s Know About It.   

What Is Power Bi? power bi vs tableau

Power Bi Is A Business Intelligence Tool From Microsoft Designed For Interactive Data Visualization And Effective Data Analysis . This Tool Does A Top Class Job In  Data Cleaning, Data Modeling , Reports & Dashboard And Data Visualization .

In Other Words, Power Bi Is A Business Intelligence Service From Microsoft, By Which Better Analysis Of The Data Received From Various Sources Is Done, And Cleaning And Processing Of That Data And Converting It In This Way Simple Dashboard Visualization And Analysis. The Report Is Shown, Which Can Be Easily Understood By Both A BI Analyst Or An End User, And Can Generate Reports Or Dashboard As Per Their Requirement.

For Example, If Data Taken From Different Sources Is Shown To You In Raw Form, Will You Be Able To Understand It (Not At All) Because It Will Be In Different Formats Which Will Not Be Possible For Anyone To Read Or Understand. So Here Power-Bi Connects To Such Raw Data, Cleans It And Processes It And Presents It To You In The Form Of An Easy Chart Or Graph, Which You Can Easily Understand, And Then Shown In The Form Of A Chart Or Graph. Based On That Report, You Can Take Your Decision. 

Power BI Is Available For Various Platforms, Such As Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service (Online SaaS), Power BI App (For Mobile)

power bi vs tableau

What Does Power B-I Do?

Microsoft’s Power B-I Removes Information From Business Insights. It Is Used By Business Owners And Large Retail Companies, So That They Can Know What Is Going On In Their Business, Or What Is The Status Of The Business, And What Effective Steps Can Be Taken In Future To Improve The Business . 

For This, They Collect Data Related To Their Business From Various Sources, In Which All Types Of Data Remain. Power Bi Has The Ability To Connect To Different Types Of Data Sets, And Then That Data Is Connected To Power Bi. Power BI Analyzes That Raw Data, And Processes It Into Meaningful Information, Which Becomes Easy Enough For Everyone To Understand Or Read. Power B-I’s Top-Notch Reporting Also Makes Business Forecasting Easier For Business Owners. 

Advantage Of power bi vs tableau

Some Of The Main Advantages Of Using Power BI Are Mentioned Below. 

  • Due To The Convenience Of Subscription, It Proves To Be Economical To Use. 
  • In This, A Very Large Amount Of Data Can Be Input And Processed, Which Is Not Possible To Do On Many Other Platforms. 
  • The Output Comes Out In The Form Of Fine Charts And Graphs, Which Are Easy To Understand. 
  • Due To Better Personalization Capability, Users Can Create Their Own Dashboard In It . 
  • Due To The Facility Of Real Time Alerts In This, Important Information Is Available To The Users From Time To Time. 
  • It Is Quite User Friendly Due To Its Intuitive Interface And Better Navigation.  
  • It Is Available On Multiple Platforms Such As Desktop, SaaS And Mobile App. 
  • Its Reporting Is Very Top-Notch, Which Can Be Seen On Multiple Platforms Or Devices. 
  • In Its Power Bi Pro Version, Data Visualization Can Be Shared With Other Partners As Well. 
  • Schedule Refresh Can Also Be Set To Keep The Data Refreshed In It Without Any Human Intervention.

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