What Is The Difference And Similarity Between GSECL JE And GETCO JE Exams?


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About GETCO and GSECL Exams

Applicants must be familiar with the examination pattern to find their identity in the official GSECL JE outcome and receive an offer letter for the position. Read down to learn about the curriculum, study plan, eligibility criteria, and so on.

Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Ltd (GETCO) is a highly recognized organization that hires personnel every year. Applicants who would like to join GETCO may register by completing the request form on the formal web page. Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited is a wholly-owned Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB) subsidiary. It was formed in August 1993, after the liberalization by the GEB. It is an electrical producing firm that operates in Gujarat, India. It distributes power via four distribution firms.

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Similarities between GETCO and GSCEL examinations

Given below puts forth the list of similarities between the GETCO and GSCEL papers:

  1. Eligibility

a) Age range

Aspirants from the general category can apply for the examinations till they turn 35, whereas the bar set for the reserved category remains 40 in both the mentioned exams.

b) Educational qualification or competence

The applicants should have a complete degree in BE/ BTECH completed from the universities approved either by UGC or AICTE and should have a 55% in 7 and 8 semesters.

  1. Exam pattern

a) Both the exams ought to be held through the internet unless applicants have enrolled a good benchmark.

b) To score a maximum of 100 points, 100 MCQs must be answered.

c) Negative grading shall be put to use, with one-fourth of 1 point being subtracted for the incorrect response.

d) The written examination would be conducted in English alone.

e) The minimal cut-off marking range would be 50 for applicants from the general group and 45 for the reserved group.

  1. The selection policy for both the examinations

The GETCO JE appointment procedure will be divided into two sections. The foremost step will include an online exam. Applicants who pass the initial stage would be invited back for certificate validation in the subsequent phase. The Selection Panel would choose staff who pass some of these rounds.

  1. Experience

The applicants for the twin examinations GSCEL JE and GETCO CE do not require either sort of prior experience. However, applicants should only reach the required qualifying conditions before actually registering. As a result, the hiring procedure is also adaptable to specific hires.

Differences between the GETCO and GSCEL examination

The points mentioned below describe the points of difference between the exams:

  1. Syllabus

GSCEL JE Exam is a comprehensive combination of five subjects, Gujarati language check alongside grammar test, General Knowledge for testing the awareness of the candidates, English language, Computer Knowledge, Mechanical or Electrical or Instrumentation & Control or Electronics & Communication or Metallurgy or Civil Stream.

On the other hand, GETCO JE consists of 5 disciplines: GK covering a spectrum of topics, English, Electrical or Civil Engineering, Computer Knowledge, and Gujarati testing capability.

  1. Domicile

GSECL exam requires the aspirant to be residents of Gujarat, whereas the GETCO examination stands to be 85% Gujarat domicile applicants and rest from all across the country. One thing to consider is that the aspirants’ nationality should be Indian only.

In a nutshell, both GETCO JE and GSCEL JE exams have their importance and value. Alongside, aspirants also move forth to be part of the respective foundations with a vision and objective. And to help students with a well-executed study plan, BYJU’S Exam Prep holds a comprehensive study approach guiding them throughout their preparation journey.

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