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If you are anyone that knows anything about tyres, you’ve heard of the name Michelin. The flagship Michelin was established in 1889 in France and is currently the biggest tyre manufacturer in the world.  

Not only is Michelin the biggest name in its industry, but it also ranks leagues above its competition like Bridgestone, Goodyear and Continental in revenue per capita. So, what exactly makes Michelin the favourite when it comes to Tyres Online West Bromwich?


When it comes to what kind of tyres you expect in your vehicle, lasting ones is probably the default answer. Nobody likes to revisit their local repair shops every two months to get a new set of tyres. Here is where Michelin has a big advantage over other tyre manufacturers. 

In the 1960s, when Michelin introduced its tyres to the world market, assuring a longer tread life than what was considered general, they took the market by storm.  This meant that people wanted to invest in tyres that would last them longer. Michelin were the first tyre manufacturers in the world to reach this development. This is a quality parameter Michelin continues to uphold to date.


Another factor that separates Michelin from its competitors is its uniformity across the globe. According to industry insider knowledge, the geographical location of a manufacturing unit can result in a difference in quality. However, for Michelin, the location does not affect their manufacturing process. What that means is whether you are in the USA, Thailand or anywhere else, the quality of the specific model of your Michelin tyre is never up for debate. 

Many manufacturers factor in the cost of labour, tariffs and quality of life of the geographical location of the manufacturing unit when producing products. The same can not be said about Michelin. Besides, contrary to popular belief, that is not necessarily the best metric. Different people in different places have varying needs, thus making it difficult to use the same type of tyres everywhere. 

This does put Michelin at a disadvantage in developing or under-developed nations where the infrastructure determines the quality of tyres suitable for the roads.

Economically Efficient

While the fact that Michelin tyres simply last longer does play into its cost-effectiveness, it is not an outlier. Along with that, Michelin tyres also provide great mileage. Due to better tread patterns, these tyres can grip the roads much better. This means when you are driving along a highway, your tyres will have a better grip.

Moreover, this saves the cost of fuel in the long run. So, even if Michelin tyres cost a bit more, they are the better investment. It also makes Michelin a better choice for the environment, which is, of course, always an appreciated bonus in the automobile industry.


The accumulation of all of the above qualities makes Michelin the highest-quality tyre in the market. Not to forget, Michelin was the first tyre manufacturer to introduce the world to “Radial tyres”.

With being the inventor of a new design, Michelin has the biggest claim in the market of tyres. Moreover, the material used to manufacture the tyres is wear-and-tear resistant. It is made of rubber that is tough and long-lasting, which gives great value for money. 


According to industry sources, Michelin reportedly spends most of its revenue on its “Research and Development” sector, much more than its competitors in the market. This is quite important because this assures that Michelin is always ahead of the curve. 

They have the latest designs and ideas to remain dynamic with the rapidly changing market. Moreover, according to the manufacturers, Michelin Tyres West Bromwich is moving towards a sustainable future. Their latest project is to try and make Michelin tyres completely sustainable by 2023.  


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