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Honolulu is south of the island of Oahu, between beaches and cliffs in the middle of the Pacific. It is the largest city in Hawaii and also the capital of the state. Its metropolitan area has just over a million inhabitants, but the city itself is tiny. Of course, there are so many attractions around it that you would have stayed a month! 

There are many things to do in Honolulu and very diverse: beaches, historical buildings, shopping, outdoor sports. In short, different sightseeing locations are found at this place. You can opt for several things to do in Honolulu. So, what are you thinking about? Plan your getaway, book hawaiian airlines reservations right away and save up to 30% off on the flight to Honolulu and makes sure one ends up having the best vacation of their lives! 


Visit Hawaii’s center of power

The Hawaii Capitol is right behind the Iolani Palace and, unlike many other capitols in the United States, it does not mimic the one in Washington. In fact, it is built with a very peculiar architecture that highlights the particularities of the Hawaiian islands.

It is an open building that lets in light, wind, and rain to represent the union with nature. The columns that surround the building are inspired by coconut trees and, in addition, there are eight on each side, the number of islands that make up the state. Finally, the construction is surrounded by a reflecting pool that represents the Pacific. Getting closer to see this curious capital is a curious thing to do in Honolulu.

See animals up close at the Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium

One fun thing to do in Honolulu with kids is to visit the zoo. With more than 17 hectares of extension, it is home to more than 900 animals. Most of them are native to tropical climates, such as giraffes or komodo dragons. In addition to seeing the animals, the zoo space is very well maintained. There are pretty tropical gardens displaying a wide variety of Hawaiian plants. Admission is $ 14. If you prefer to see aquatic animals, right next to the zoo is the aquarium. Admission is $ 12.

Surround yourself with flowers at the Koko Crater Botanical Garden

And to relax your muscles after climbing to the Koko Head you can take a walk between plants. In the botanical garden of the Koko Crater, there are all kinds of trees, cacti, and flowers. You will be able to see the typical Hawaiian flowers of all colors, as well as plants from various regions of the world. The entrance is free.

Be amazed by the views at the Spitting Cave of Portlock

Touching Hanauma Bay you can see a whole spectacle of nature. At the end of Lumahai Road, a dead-end, there is a rather steep path that leads down to the coast of volcanic rock eroded by the sea. There is a cave where they enter where the waves enter with force and when the water comes out, it splashes as if the cave were spitting, hence its name is a bit difficult to find, but if you have a rental car to move around Oahu it is worth a lot worth approaching.


Swimming among hundreds of minnows in Hanauma Bay, an incredible thing to do in Honolulu

It is still a marine conservation area, so before going down to the beach you have to watch a 5-minute video where they explain the rules of the enclosure. The best thing to be calmer is to arrive first thing in the morning, although you will see that the beach is filling up quickly.

Stroll among plants at the Lyon Arboretum

Right next to the path that leads to Manoa Falls is a spectacular botanical garden. It is administered by the University of Hawaii, which maintains more than 5,000 species of plants. It is set in a tropical jungle, with waterfalls, colorful flowers, and palm trees. The enclosure is very large, so you can have a good time walking among the leaves and flowers. Entrance and parking are free.

Go shopping at the world’s largest open-air mall

The mall AlaMoanaCenter is the second largest to do in the United Kingdom s. He was dethroned by the Mall of America in Minneapolis. Still, it is the largest open-air mall in the world.

Stroll through Chinatown

One of the most fun things to do in Honolulu is getting to know its Chinatown. As all of the world, it is an area with a market full of movement. They sell fruit, vegetables, fish, and all kinds of Asian foods. In addition, there are also some very good-looking Chinese, Thai and Filipino restaurants in the area.


Honolulu has spectacular beaches and natural landscapes, a unique cuisine, and that air of island life and a big city at the same time. A city that has seen the birth of not one, but two presidents of the United States, such as Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, or great artists such as Bruno Mars. So, excited enough? Book your own Hawaii adventure from Airlines Vacations and make the most of your vacation. Hurry!

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