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Do you have a sofa at home? How was it chosen? We bet that we looked first, does it look beautiful, like it or not? Everyone does this, furniture should be beautiful, stylish, create an atmosphere. But suppose you like 5 different sofas at once. You found them in different stores, but all sellers assure that these are 5 ideal sofas, the best in the world, the most favorable in terms of price-quality ratio. And you only need 1 normal one. Here, to put it – and he not only looked good in the room, but also served for a long time. How to distinguish a handsome man from a “scoundrel” in a store, normal furniture from mediocre ones?

With sofas, you need to be careful about what’s inside. The suitability of a sofa for frequent unfolding-folding 90% determined the layout mechanism. Therefore, today we are dealing with exactly what transformation mechanisms are, how they work and how each sofa laid out.

Why is it so important to choose a good sofa?

The type of sofa layout mechanism directly depends on:

  • Will it be comfortable to sleep on;
  • How easy it will be to transform the sleeping place;
  • How long will the sofa last?

Therefore, you need to choose not only by the picture and the feelings you like the furniture or not.

Classification of sofas by type of layout

The most popular transformation mechanisms:

  • Book
  • Eurobook
  • Accordion
  • Pantograph
  • Dolphin
  • Scissors
  • Modular sofas

There are other options for the layout of sofas: French and American concrete dining table, for example. But they are less in demand for living rooms. They are mainly used in the kitchen corners, which rarely used as a sleeping place.

Which sofa to choose for your daily sleep?

To choose the ideal sofa, consider several factors: free space, how often you have to lay out the sleeping place, the load on the sofa. The type of flooring also matters. If it is laminate or parquet, and you take a sofa with non-rubberized wheels, ugly marks may remain on the floor, and you need to take this point into account in advance.

How does the book unfold?

The book is an option that everyone has known for a long time. Advantages: compact design, large laundry box, no castors. In the book, the mechanism is elementary, therefore inexpensive, and there is practically nothing to break in it. The only drawback: due to the peculiarities of the transformation, it cannot placed close to the wall, you must leave 15-20 cm between the sofa and the wall.

To unfold the book, you need to slightly raise the seat up until it clicks, and then lower it. It turned out to be a place to sleep. The sofa folds in exactly the same way: the seat is raised, a click is made, the seat is released, and the back lifted and locked vertically.

How does a click clack unfold?

Click-clack or tango is a mechanism that looks like a book. It differs from it in that the structure is fixed in several positions and gives more opportunities for rest. The backrest can lie completely flush with the seat, held in a reclining position or completely upright. Advantages: affordable price, large linen boxes, compact, flat place to sleep.

The transformation mechanism is similar to a sofa-book: raise the seat until it clicks and lower it into place.

How to choose a sofa for your daily sleep – the best options

In a one-room apartment or a compact bedroom, the sofa plays the role of a bed, and in such cases, the reliability of the transformation mechanism is especially important. Draw-out and draw-out mechanisms are recognized as the strongest and most resistant to wear. They designed for high loads, intensive use and often additionally equipped with an orthopedic base for comfortable sleep.

Dolphin is one of the most convenient modifications. Thanks to the way the dolphin sofa unfolds, a perfectly flat surface is obtained without tangible joints between the sections. To unfold the dolphin mechanism, you need to find a secret strap, pull it, and the lower section will emerge from under the seat and become flush with the seat. There are no rollers, so dolphins cannot leave footprints on the floor. The only drawback is that there is no linen drawer in straight models, because an additional section takes up all the free space under the seat. In the corners, there is still a niche for things, because basically dolphins are precisely the corners.

The accordion forms a three-piece bed. The main advantage of the accordion is the huge sleeping space. The entire unfolded area can used for sleeping. But when assembled, it takes up a minimum of space. However, experts do not recommend placing the accordion against a cold wall, because basically they do not have an additional backrest.

Such a sofa as an accordion is laid out, hence the “musical” name. As in a book, you need to raise the seat until it clicks. Then it slides forward easily. Even children can easily cope with this task.

The eurobook sofa is one of the most popular modifications. To get a berth, the seat moves forward, and the back lowered to the vacated space. The seat must also pulled out to access the laundry drawer. Eurobooks often equipped with a backrest, on which large decorative pillows installed. She also protects the wall from rubbing, and the sleeping person from the cold wall.

The most reliable transformation mechanism

With careful and careful handling, any of the listed mechanisms will last a long time – 7-10 years or even more. But judging by customer reviews, pantographs, dolphins, accordions and scissors show themselves most conveniently in daily use. These sofas most often chosen for daily sleep, they normally tolerate regular folding – unfolding. These models have the simplest mechanism, where there is simply nothing to break.

Want to know more about each of them? Then we invite you to the section “Straight sofas” in the “Ball Furniture” catalog. There we not only have a wide selection, but also a detailed list of tips on how to choose the perfect option for a bedroom or living room.


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