Why pedagogy is crucial to meet the urgent needs for future-ready classrooms?


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The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic caused temporary shutdowns of schools and colleges for a long time. The institutes were forced to offer education online using video streaming apps for conducting classes, along with online fees collection and exams. This created a major change in the ways of teaching for students.

The online method of study is more focused on keeping the good changes in the system such as encouraging e-learning, online admission, fees payment using ERP solutions, and all the activities which optimize the institute’s management. Further, the implementation of NEP 2020 has given a major emphasis on the integration of technology in education. It aims to increase the number of students receiving education per year, which will eventually be fulfilled with online education in all areas of the country.

Need for Pedagogical Learning Methods               

As the schools and institutes are reopening, the management has to make advanced changes in the ways of delivering education and managing the institute’s operations for good. They have to focus on delivering high-quality content to the students which will improve their concepts and skills. The institutes have to ensure the engagement of students, their participation in learning and work towards the desired outcome by the end of the year.

What is Pedagogy?

Pedagogy is referred to as the act of learning. It is focused on building on the previous knowledge of the students. It encourages the students to learn concepts and apply them in real-life situations apart from their books. It is a way of imparting knowledge and skills in the educational context.

Here are a few ways in which Pedagogy Helps to Meet Urgent Needs for Future-Ready Classrooms

Give Opportunities to Show Creativity –

The pedagogy involves major contributions from the teachers based on how they are conducting the classrooms for enhancing teaching and learning in the institutes. The teacher must be well versed with the syllabus of the subjects and must be ready to help and guide the student at any point in the curriculum.

The teacher encourages the students to engage in classroom activities by giving them opportunities to express themselves and their ideas. The teacher gives challenges to the students and helps them solve problems to invoke problem-solving skills. Further, they encourage the students to bring creative solutions to the problems and build out of box thinking.

This encourages the students to be focused on solving various problems in their daily lives.

Give Learning Control to Students-

Giving the students control of their learning makes them responsible for their grades, outcomes, and syllabus. The student can learn at their own pace without the feeling of competition or complexity. Further, this enables the student to choose their subjects as per their interest and complete the courses as per their time duration.

Further, the students take accountability for their actions, studies, and development. They are clear about what is expected of them by the end of the course. Every step in education is towards the desired goal set by them. Hence, student control is a major way of improving ways of teaching-learning in the institutes.

Help Students Adopt New Technologies-

Implementation of new and advanced technologies in learning is playing a major factor in making the classrooms future ready for the students. The use of technology is not only limited to e-learning, but it also involves styles of learning, improved management, content creation in video formats, animations, and others.

Moreover,  it helps the students to get familiar with adopting new tools, using mobile applications, PowerPoint presentations, and software tools for understanding and tracking their own performance.  This also helps in promoting advanced learning in the institutes and is likely to change the ways of learning among students.

Improved Assessment –

Assessment is a major part of a student’s success. It helps them understand their strengths, weaknesses, and mistakes. It helps the teachers to guide students by looking at the problems faced by them. It also involves valuable feedback from the teachers.

Conducting regular assessments helps the teachers to make sure that the students are on the right track of the expected outcome. Regular evaluation of students’ performance helps them keep track of their performance and see patterns of issues they have been facing.

Further, the parents can also take a look at students’ data regarding attendance and performance and understand the problems they face, to help and guide them.

Credit-Based Learning System-

The implementation of NEP 2020 has encouraged the establishment of the Academic Bank of Credits by the government. The Academic Bank is a space to collect, deposit, and use the credits earned by students throughout their education. These credits allow the students to opt for courses of their choice, even if they are from different institutes.

The student can choose online colleges and courses and complete them. Further, the students can drop out of the college if they wish to discontinue and rejoin the course within 5 to 7 years of duration. Further, the student will have earned the credits for the number of years completed of the course before dropping out.

This gives more flexibility of learning for the students and taking courses for their choice from any field.

Delivering Good Quality Content –

There have been advancements in the ways of delivering lectures and syllabus, especially in online classes. The concepts are presented to the students in the form of videos, animations, games, group activities, and other forms that help the student to understand better. The students become well versed with the concepts.

This also eases the teacher’s job as the video once created can be passed on to several classes and students, with required updates every time. The content that is delivered to students must be engaging, and insightful. The notes given to them should be easy to understand. The quality of content is an important aspect of offering advanced education to students.


In this way, the pedagogical approach towards education and advanced ways of teaching is likely to bring major changes in the ways of teaching. It helps the institutes to make themselves ready for the future and fulfill the aim of adopting best education practices.

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