Why solar energy is not used commonly?


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Today world is talking about renewable energy because of resource scarcity. However, it is still not commonly used. The world wants to switch from fossil fuel to renewable resources. But it will take time to shift the entire world completely. Developing countries have already invested much in generating energy from usual resources. Therefore, it will be difficult to invest in the new setup of solar power or biofuel.

Here we are going to discuss the main issues in switching from usual resources to solar energy. So, without further ado scroll down.

Why are countries not preferring renewable resources yet?

It is difficult to change the energy solution for a whole nation at once. Therefore, countries are hesitant to switch to renewable energy. 

Furthermore, switching means installing upgraded powerplant and infrastructure. The companies need to re-evaluate and invest money in a whole new system. This thing requires whole new planning. So, this cannot be done overnight. 

Right now, U.S is consuming 8% of renewable resources to generate energy.  Whereas the whole world is using renewable energy to cater to 14% of energy needs. The most probable reason for not preferring renewable resources yet is the time-consuming generation of energy. 

Why solar energy is not getting common among the masses?

Solar panels are known as photovoltaic panels. People are slowly getting aware of this technology. The solar cells in the photovoltaic panel convert sun energy to electricity. It is reported that panels can convert 20% of the sun’s energy to useful electricity.

Solar energy has loads of advantages. This clean and environmental-friendly energy is supporting the green world cause.  Another great advantage is its sustainability and cost-worthy performance. However, the only thing restricting its common use is the dependence upon the weather. Thus, one has to rely on batteries during cloudy and rainy days.   

Right now, the installation of solar energy panels is a quite tedious and expensive method. Furthermore, the panel requires a large area to be installed. 

Why solar energy should become common?

Solar energy should become more common because it will change the future of the earth. Below are some points you should read:

  • It can protect the environment. No burning means low ozone layer destruction. So, it can become a solution for global warming. 
  • Switching to renewable energy likewise solar and wind will create new employment opportunities. U. S is reporting that wind turbine technicians are highly paid in their countries. Moreover, the photovoltaic installer job is ranking in third place. 
  • The fossil fuel is running out at alarming rate. So, solar energy and other renewable energy system is the finest alternative. 

Wrapping up:

The world is moving fast and technology is evolving day by day. Currently, logistical barriers and costs are becoming a hindrance to using a renewable resource like solar energy. For once the system has developed the graph of popularity will rise. Scientists are predicting that the future is of green energy. But people have to develop deep awareness. Moreover, people should show interest in investing in it. 


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