Ultimate Guide on Wpit18 Online Sabong & Its Login-Registration Method in 2023


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If you dive deep into the ocean of games , you will find that there are thousands of games that you can play and enjoy search Wpit18 Online Sabong. Out of which, a certain number of games are available in the form of graphics. Whereas, there are other games that you can easily enjoy by watching live and can also participate in to win rewards. One of the games that have recently been added to the list due to its increasing prominence all over the world is the World Pitmasters Cup (WPC). It is a cup that is hosted by the Philippines and Indonesia in which Cockfighting matches are conducted and thus, promoted online. It was earlier considered a normal game but, as time passed, it is now being regarded as a major sporting event and added to the program list of the Philippines. 

What is Wpit18?

Wpit18 acts as a platform for hosting the live Sabong matches or you can also pronounce it as Cockfighting or roosters’ fight. The following website has gained popularity for experiencing a huge amount of traffic thanks to sabong fights. In general, it is a bridge that ultimately leads you to live stream the matches and offers you the opportunity to take part in it by selecting the desired players and bidding on them. However, there are several alternative portals present in the online market such as Wpc2025, Wpc2026, Wpc2027, Wpc2029, and so on. But, today we are going to discuss Wpit18 and the further aspects that are related to it. 

Wpit18 Dashboard:

Ever heard of a gaming website that provides all the required information within a blink of an eye? If yes, then Wpit18 is one of them and if not, you must know about this website. It enables worldwide registered users to have an overview of all the matches. Be it the live matches that are going on, earlier matches, or the matches that are going to be held in the forthcoming time. To move further, you can even determine the existing rank of a particular rooster and the total number of matches won. This will help you to analyse on whom you have to place your bet. 

How to Register on the Wpit18?

In case you are already registered, well in good. If you are new to the official website of Wpit18, following the registration procedure is a must. For that, you have to go through the following these steps:

  • Navigate to the official website that is https://wpit18.live/. You can also search by typing Wpit18.  
  • Right after navigating to the website, an option named, “create the new account” will be easily visible to you. To register, click on the same. 
  • You will now be accessible to a form on your screen. 
  • In the form, fill out the necessary details such as your cell phone number, date of birth, current employment type, and so on. 
  • Enter your first and last names that might help to identify who you are. 
  • Create a unique username that should be a special name for your account and afterward, create a password of a maximum of 8 characters. It should be strong enough to avoid the chances of being guessed by anyone. 
  • Re-enter the password in order to confirm what you have created for your account.  
  • Along with that, your Facebook account should be linked to the website. By doing this, you will be able to receive the notifications most frequently. 
  • Enter your current age. It should be above 21 years. 
  • These are the vital credentials that have to be strictly inserted by you for the next procedure. 
  • When all the necessary details are inserted by you, enter the submit form button.
  • Just remember to have the most recent security updates installed and cookies should be enabled too.

How to Log in on Wpit18?

The login procedure is similar to any other website. There are 3 simple steps to be taken into consideration for logging in:

  • Use the official platform of Wpit18 by clicking on https://wpit18.live/.
  • The live login screen will appear when you navigate to the platform. At that time, insert your existing username id and password. 
  • Select “sign in to your record” to proceed further and you’ll be logged in.

Is Wpit18 Considered to Be Legal or Not?

Indeed, it is a legal website that routinely holds cockfighting matches. The site contains all the licensing authorities and required permissions. In fact, it is approved by the legislation of the Philippines. The PAGCOR (Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation) is responsible for assigning it the licensing authority. 

Is it Possible to Win Rewards Through Wpit18?

Nothing is impossible. For winning hefty amounts of rewards, scrutinise the dashboard to the fullest. Be aware of the roosters’ rankings and their total number of won or lost matches. Make a plan according to these analyses and select the best of the best rooster whom you think can lead to victory Also you can play this game WPC16

What are the Pros and Cons of Wpit 18?


  • Sabong fights are now considered a major sporting event due to which the site is acknowledged to be safe and secure. 
  • Allow yourself to be a part of the online roosters’ fight and win exciting prizes that no other gaming websites can offer you. 
  • The main advantage is that it is regarded as the best source of entertainment. 


  • It actively endorses gambling activities.
  • There are no possibilities that you will definitely win. Hence, it hikes the risk of losing your hard-earned money and never returning time. 
  • Those events that promote animal cruelty should not be given importance. Although the Philippines and Indonesia have their historical background related to it, the other countries are exactly aware of such harmful games. This is the reason for its prohibition in my numerous countries. 


Sabong fights are now seen as the biggest sport for entertainment purposes. As soon as you are not involved with fights by yourself, you enjoy the other person fighting with the other. The same happens in the case of Cockfighting. It is totally like a fight club where two players combat each other in the ring and the one who is able to knock out the other player is the ultimate winner. People enjoy the matches and start to place their bids whether by being physically available or virtually via the Wpit18 website. In addition, it is a major sporting event in the Philippines because its roots are well connected with them. However, in my opinion, anything that promotes animal brutality should be banned at all costs. This is the reason for its prohibition in my numerous countries. Still, most people have access to it and they undoubtedly enjoy it to the fullest.

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