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Websites need ongoing maintenance and optimization as a pre-requisite. But in some cases, you may need some drastic changes. Note that if your inbound marketing efforts of bringing plenty of relevant and targeted traffic to your website is not working, then you need to undergo a website redesign process.

Wondering when to redesign your website? There are some signs that you need to look at when you need to redesign your website. In the following blog, we will be looking at the five warning signs that will tell your website to need some of the design improvements. Let’s get started:

1-Minimal Conversion Rates

If you are having low conversion rates, then this is an important point where you need to redesign your website. You have to go for conversion rate optimization by improving your website design. But before you start making the design changes, you need to ensure that it is actually the design of your site that is responsible for the minimal conversion rates. You need to ensure that there is no problem elsewhere on your website. To eliminate the chances of other causes, you should ensure that below listed things are already in place:

  • Inbound marketing strategies are bringing relevant visitors.
  • Website is bringing more traffic.
  • Pages are having clear conversion goals.
  • Pages are having properly optimized content.
  • Pages are having compelling and relevant content.

Note that if your inbound marketing strategies are not bringing the right kind of visitors, then your conversion rates will be low without any doubt. Even if you are attracting the right kind of traffic, then they will not be converting because they are seeing the weak landing pages. To ensure that every element of your website is fine, you need to connect with professional website designers. They will ensure that your UX, landing, page, content layout, and other elements all are properly arranged.

2-Loading Time is Slow

According to statistics, web page load time is an important factor to consider:

1s to 3s: chances of bounce increase by 32%

1s to 5s: probability of bounce increase by 90%

1s to 6s: chance of bounce increase by 106%

1s to 10s probability of bounce increase by 123%

Google research has told us that your page should load in less than three seconds to minimize the impact of conversion rates and other KPIs. Furthermore, according to another study, marketers are trying their best to improve their website loading time.

You need to note that if your pages are taking more than three seconds, then this factor is going to hurt your marketing efforts. You need to work on the page speed optimization of your website.  If you are able to improve the loading speed, then you can get ahead of your competition.

3-UX Metrics in Red

What to consider when redesigning a website? The most important warning signs are:

Low time on page

 The user will be leaving the page instantly without converting and this is a red flag.

Increased Bounce rate

 Bounces are not always a bad thing but high bounce rates are the right indicators that people don’t like your pages after landing on your website.

High Page Views

An unusually high number of page views will mean that users are struggling to find the information that they want to get on your website.

Low Page Views

This indicator suggests poor engagement unless there is some sort of conversion.

Note that if your UX metrics are in the red and you are confident that you are bringing the right kind of traffic to your website, then there is something wrong with the content on your pages or with the experience of using your site. So, it becomes essential to improve the bad UX design websites if you want to increase your sales and customer traffic.

4-Users Drop Out of Sales Funnel

After fixing your UX metrics and improving your loading time, you still have to face the problems. You need to take a close look at what people are doing on your website. Here you need to check that either user is following the sales funnel and engaging with your site to convert or not?

You need to take the following steps for sales funnel optimization:

1-You should use URL tracking for ensuring that your users are visiting the right pages after they click on your site.

2-Use event measurement in Google Analytics and heatmaps for ensuring that clicking on the right elements on your pages. The heatmap will tell you that if your users are clicking on the wrong element.

3-Utilize event measurement and form analytics tools for seeing how many people are not filling out your forms, number of people not completing them, and people getting the submission errors.

4-Use event measurement and heatmaps to analyze whether your users are clicking on CTAs or not?

5-You should use scroll heatmaps to check whether users are able to see your CTAs or not?

5-Weak Performance on Mobile

You must know that websites are important after the Google Mobilegeddon update in 2015. Note that Google is not as demanding as real-world users when we are talking about the mobile user experience. Even if your website is optimized properly to make the search algorithm happy, then this does not mean that your people are visiting your mobile website and they are happy.

For your information, the mobile conversion rates are nearly half as compared to the rates on desktop and tablet devices. With all this in mind, you need to segment your data for various device types.

You should be paying specific attention to the performance of your tablets if you are having a responsive website that is providing you similar performance on tablets and mobile. Remember that the low conversion rates on tablets as compared to the desktop will suggest that your responsive design needs to be revised. For the best redesigning of your website, you should hire an expert web design company within your area.

Hope now you have sufficient information about the five signs that you should look at when you need to redesign your website. To get a redesign of your website, you should avail the web design services from the professional company.



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