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What is Payment Gateway Singapore?

Payment Gateway is a payment processing software that helps online merchants accept their payments directly through their websites with multiple payment options. Moreover, our payment gateway Singapore is better than any other brand you have met before.

 This is because many payment processing service providers have limited services that they can offer and they also have limited resources to assist you with many issues related to your needs. 

But our payment gateway can provide you many beneficial services and after some time we keep on upgrading our services as per the current requirement as well. A payment processor needs to meet every business need of the merchant such as – accepting alternative payment modes, faster transactions, quicker check-in, reduced chargeback and much more. And we assure you that you can get all these services at one place in our payment processor. Now continue on the topic. 

Multiple services you can have with Singapore Payment Gateway

Before approaching a good payment processor you should inquire about the services and features involved. PayCly provides you with the below mentioned facilities as a professional payment processing service provider. 

Freedom of choice as needed – It is up to you whether you choose to receive your payment in Singapore Dollars or Australian Dollars. This payment processor allows you to receive your online payment in any currency.

Smart User Interface Support – A dedicated UI has been placed in this software to assist its user to manage all the activities of payment processing. 

APM – For the convenience of your customers, this processor provides them with the facility of multiple payment modes to settle their bills. Some of them are – UPI, Google Pay, Debit Card, E-Check, NFT, and many more.

Anytime Reporting – Your payment processor has 24-hour live reporting feature enabled which alerts you on time about every transaction. Eventually it will be easier for you to have a stable track record now.

Unlimited Transactions – This payment processor lets you facilitate high-value transactions with the help of Large-Value Payment Service (LVPS) and process numerous transactions in less time.

Credit Card Payments – This payment processor also accepts globally accepted payment modes. As we all know credit cards come with many beneficial services like – great discounts on deals, amazing surprises, winning offers, gift cards and many more modes. That’s why we have added this feature to our payment gateway to connect your business to a large network of global audience.

Fast Processing – Many other processors fails to provide the speed in credit card processing but our payment gateway is powerful enough to synchronize fast with each member and complete the transaction in less than a day. This facility will assure your sincerity towards your customers.

Global Card Saving – This processor gives you the facility of Global Card Saving for faster check-in, with the help of which your customers will be able to save their card details in one go. And the next day when they come back to your website they can buy the product just by entering the PIN of their card. Isn’t this surprising?

What’s the actual need behind your request and how does this processor going to solve that?


The biggest reason for your approach is your concern about your low sales, and it started with your low quality services. Recently some financial institutions are not eligible to invest in high risk projects like yours. High-risk can be any business that faces many financial issues like multiple chargeback, low reserves and revenue, vulnerable to online hackers and many more related to it. Hence you may not get better merchant services to enhance the quality of your online services. So, now we understand what the real issue behind your request is. And their solution is in the next paragraph.


This processor is linked to multiple foreign acquiring banks, due to which you no longer need to worry about delays in payments, low approvals or transactions stuck between processes. In this way now the transactions will be processed faster. For queries related our services you can always call our customer support which is available 24*7 to assist you. 


This processor is fully secure with the facility of SSL DSS; it does not do much, just creates an extra layer of security on your website and protects it from unauthorized threats like – online scammers, credit card fraud, viruses and cyber malware.

Call Us!

PayCly wants to motivate the businessmen to know about their rights, what they should ask, what exactly they need at the right time based on the current circumstances. Paycly offer best payment gateway Singapore for online merchants.  For more information you can visit our blog section. Contact us on the details below.  

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