What is a Car Enthusiast?


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How to Become a Car Enthusiast?

People who like cars and real Car Enthusiast share some characteristics, but if you are a real petrol head you will know that your love for all types of motorized vehicles is more than just a passing fancy – it is something that borders on obsession. 

Below are the warning signs that you just might be part of that unique community of car enthusiasts. 

You Turn Your Head for Every Exhaust You Notice

Mid-conversation, you stop and turn around every time you hear an interesting sounding exhaust, hoping that instead of a little hatchback with a ridiculous exhaust it is actually a proper muscle car worth looking at. 

Of course, it rarely is unless you are at a Car Enthusiast meet, but you live in such hope that anyone having a conversation with you when there are cars around needs to just accept that you will completely zone out of a conversation just to listen to a car changing gears. 

You Know EVERYTHING About Your Car

Not only do you have a name for your car (you are on first name terms, of course), but you will also know all there is to know about it. From the year of manufacture to the top speed, all the facts about your personal car are in your head – and you aren’t afraid to share them. 

You Have an Enormous Amount of Car-Related Knowledge

It isn’t just your personal set of wheels that you have an insane amount of knowledge about, either. You will research different makes and models, read reviews, and watch hours of YouTube on your specialist subject.

Of course, you will also be more than willing to share your knowledge and expertise at every given opportunity, too. 

Only the Very Best Add-Ons

Any time your car needs a replacement part, you will immediately go to the top-end specs to ensure that you get the best performance. No bargain tires, you’ll need to buy some Yokohama Tires, on those immaculate rims, and everything from the sound system to the exhaust will have been chosen with care and attention to get those last drops of horsepower from the engine. 

Everyone Asks for Your Help with Cars

Whether they are looking to buy a new car or want some advice about repairs, maintenance, or modification, you are the go-to for your family and friends – and even random strangers. You’ll be expected to come and view cars, go on test drives, and give an honest opinion, and of course you won’t mind because you cannot wait to share your enthusiasm

You Can Spot Your Favorites from Miles Away

Every car enthusiast has at least one ‘perfect’ vehicle, and even though you might not be lucky enough to own it just yet, there is always time in the future. 

For just now though, your special talent is spotting your favorite car in a packed parking lot or further down the highway, and you still get excited every time you see it. 

You Work on Cars

Some true car enthusiasts take their hobby very seriously and have made their love for vehicles into a job. You’ll often find that the most passionate mechanics are car enthusiasts.

Of course, not all car enthusiasts are professional mechanics, but you can guarantee that every car enthusiast will be ready and willing to get their hands dirty on their own vehicle. 

You’re an Active Part of the Community

The car community is big, bustling, and diverse. It exists in online forums and discussion boards, in magazines, and in car meets on a local and national scale.

Getting together with other petrol heads and car enthusiasts in person or online means being part of a huge, friendly, and fun community that is full of likeminded people, all from different backgrounds but all who share the same passion for cars that you do.

If you recognize yourself in these descriptions, then you could definitely be described as a real car enthusiast. 

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