Digital Products Tools from Microsoft That Make Work More Efficient


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What is Digital Products?

Digital Products is not something that people are born with (or without); it is the state of being organised and supported in the right to help you achieve your goals. With Microsoft, users can access a range of valuable digital productivity solutions.

In business, we are always striving to be more productive, more efficient, to achieve more goals (or achieve them more quickly). Some people find productivity easy, while others may struggle with it. One of the biggest benefits of the integration of technology with modern business practices is that people have experience more difficulties with productivity have more tools and support at their disposal. We discussed this with TechQuarters, an outsourced IT Support London-based businesses have been relying on since 2010 for efficient and productive support. As one of the UK’s top Microsoft Solutions Partners, TechQuarters are big advocates of the company’s range of digital productivity solutions. Below is a breakdown of Microsoft’s seven main productivity tools…

Microsoft OneNote – The Digital Notebook

The first product to look at is Microsoft OneNote. Many people benefit from being able to map out ideas and concepts in the flow of work – but if you’re relying on a paper notebook, this can cause clutter (and clutter can make people feel more flustered and less productive). As a cloud-based notebook app, OneNote makes the process of note-taking in the flow of work much more effective. The app also supports a wide range of formats – including multimedia files, drawings, tables, and charts.

Microsoft Lists – The Smart Information Tracker

Lists are a simple but very powerful tool for productivity, and work in general. Whether it’s a meeting itinerary, a schedule for the days events, or an inventory, a list can help individuals keep on top of their data. Microsoft Lists makes it easy to create, share, and track lists with colleagues and partners. It contains a range of templates for different situations and purposes, and there are excellent smart functions for tracking and managing items on lists.

Microsoft To Do – The Digital To-do List

The to-do list is a time-honoured task management tool. Individuals all around the world, for centuries, having been using to-do lists to organise their tasks and responsibilities, and there is no reason to discredit the technique in modern business scenarios. Microsoft takes this well-tested technique and enhances it with Microsoft To Do, the digital to-do list. TechQuarters stated that it was one of the top productivity tools their staff use on a daily basis. To Do utilizes smart data integration to map out tasks (such as items from an email) and help users organise their day intuitively.

Microsoft Planner – The Kanban Solution

Another very well-tested and highly effective task management tool is the Kanban board – a type of solution that originated from a system developed by Japanese automotive company, Toyota, in the 1940s. Nowadays, Microsoft Planner utilizes this highly effective system by presenting users with a digital board where projects and tasks can be managed by teams. According to TechQuarters, whose experience providing IT support Central London businesses rely on has seen them use Planner extensively over the years, it is the perfect lightweight group task management solution.

Microsoft 365 – Integrated Task Management

When using digital solutions and systems, integrated productivity solutions can make the flow of work much easier. In Microsoft 365, the ecosystem in which all of the previous apps and services are included in, task management is baked right into the crust. Digital Products Microsoft 365 as it is today was built using Microsoft Graph, an API that supports extensive data integration between apps. This means that users can view data from across Microsoft 365, in different apps (such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, or Microsoft Teams), and see a comprehensive breakdown of actionable items.

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