These Are the Top Employers in Boston


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If you’re considering moving for work, it can be hard to tell if a city or area is the right choice for you. A wrong decision could lead to you putting a lot of work, time, and money into a move that simply has to be undone.

When considering Boston, these are the top employers, and what type of work they offer here!

1. General Electric

If you’re worrying about being able to grow a career that will lead to snagging one of the awesome Boston houses for sale soon: it’s a good idea to stop and apply for work at General Electric. There’s a huge swath of choices of jobs, and they’ve hired many people based on skills instead of secondary education.

2. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is a brand of coffee that’s more of a lifestyle on the east coast. People here love the chance to stop in at Dunkin’s in the morning, get a sweet treat to start their day, and get into motion.  

Although Dunkin’ is best known for its restaurants, the reason it employs over 270,000 people in Massachusetts is because of its store brands, corporate offices, and the restaurants themselves combined.  

3. TJX Companies

Nobody wants to spend full price for goods, and TJX has made billions off of low-priced items that are often overstocked or have mistakes in production. Customers love the savings, and it’s allowed TJX to employ over 270,000 people within the surrounding Boston area. This is a large number of people with a high turnover, which means you could work anywhere from corporate to retail, depending on your interests and skills. 

4. National Amusements

National Amusements currently employs over 133,000 people within Massachusetts, making it the largest media company in the state. There’s a large range of jobs you can pick within his company, from advertising to financial work, depending on what interests you. This is a company that’s more first on wanting degrees or secondary education, so if you don’t have that, it’s okay to wait and hold off for now.

Is It Worth Moving to Boston For Work?

Moving for work is a huge gamble, especially when you’re moving to a large city with a high cost of living. Over a third of Americans say they’d move if they thought the jobs were worth it, and Boston brings a lot to the table. Whether you’re interested in corporate or retail work, you can find something that matches your interests.

Make sure that if you’re considering moving to Boston, you take the time to save a few months of expenses and you try to get a job ahead of time. Although twenty years ago, it was easier to get work if you went door to door, many businesses do most of the steps of hiring online before ever asking to meet in person.  

Boston Keeps Jobs Growing

Boston has a wicked economy, and it continues to grow at a break-neck speed. If you want to get your career started while giving yourself the best chance at success, this is the city to consider!

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