Best Beginner Motorcycle Gear and Clothing For Beginners in 2023


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Best Beginner Motorcycle Gear in 2023

Are you dreaming of riding around on a motorcycle, feeling the fresh air on your face, and looking cool with your leather jacket on? Sure, more and more people decide on motorcycles as their new hobby, but what should you look out for? 

This article will cover everything you need to know as a beginner when it comes to safety gear!

Why is safety so important for a beginner?

Safety is the main priority, especially for beginners. They don’t have the experience riding the bike, and, therefore, it is more likely that they will drop the bike, fall, or even be involved in an accident. Unfortunately, you don’t have much protection on a motorcycle and, therefore, need to focus on the proper safety gear. If you are someone who wants to buy a bike, specifically a dirt bike, but you don’t have the budget, you can seek help from dirt bike financing online. They have promos like buy now pay later.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend a fortune on gear, but rather focus on the most important equipment. But what is the most essential gear? We will cover this question here!

Count on this protection gear for your next motorcycle ride as a beginner!

Here we want to introduce you to the most critical safety gear for beginners. Be sure to count on quality and comfort to ensure you will get the best value for your money. 

The perfect helmet

There are plenty of motor helmets to choose from. If protection is your highest priority, we recommend a full-face or modular helmet. Professional motorcyclists usually use the dual-sport helmet, which you might know from MotoGP. If you are more interested in off-road motorcycling, you might want to look into the off-road helmet. There are also other options on the market like half helmets and open-face helmets, but these types are not meant for high-speed motorcycles.

These are your possible options:

  • Full-face
  • Modular
  • Open-face
  • Half Helmets
  • Off-road
  • Dual-sport

A leather jacket or vest

Leather is the perfect material for motorcycle gear; not only is it long-lasting, but it is also great for protection. For your upper body, we recommend going for a thick leather jacket. Many people wear a vest instead but be aware that you want to cover as much skin as possible. Even if you are not involved in an accident but fall from your bike, you might suffer from severe bruising.

Long pants

Sure, you could wear shorts on a bike, but this is not recommended. Long pants will protect you from bruises and also help against the sun. It might be uncomfortable in summer, but we highly recommend long instead of short pants.

High leather boots

High boots are helpful because they allow you to tuck in your pants and therefore do not leave any skin in the open. We recommend going for Stride Wise top picks of leather boots because they are long-lasting and at the same time will protect your feet. Not just that, but they give you enough grip to sit steadily on your bike, even on long road trips.

Don’t forget the gloves!

Don’t forget about motorcycle gloves! It is easy to forget gloves in the grand scheme, but they are highly important. Hands are fragile – they need extra protection since they are easily bruised in an accident. If you are planning a more extended road trip, they will also help you to have a good grip.

We hope these tips, tricks, and information will help you to prepare yourself for your first motorcycle journey as a beginner. Keep in mind: safety first!

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