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HOARDINGS: These days every business is trying to create a customer base that stays loyal to them even when things get hard. So, what are they doing that keeps them from getting an edge over others at the same time? 

The answer is that businesses these days are busy cracking the code and generating ideas that can bring the attention of the general audience to the brand’s products and services. This is when the advertiser gets super attentive and starts drafting a definite strategy and after proper budgeting, they execute the entire thing.

Now let us talk about this in depth. There are many ways to bring attention to the product. From personalized emails to a generalized newspaper advertisement, a creative idea with perfect execution can do great wonders. 

There is this ongoing debate on whether the traditional methods of advertising are of any use or not. But let me tell you that no matter how many new advertising ways develop in the market, the traditional ways of advertising will never go out of fashion. And that is why hoardings are still quite relevant even in today’s time.

These days companies are busy deriving better solutions to common problems. That is why there is this new hype around LED van advertising. Placing hoardings on these vans helps in a lot of ways.


You usually see hoardings almost daily. When you go out on the streets or drive on highways, you often see huge boards at a height usually displaying the brand. Hoardings have the power to position products in front of viewers in a non-intrusive manner. 

For a fact let me tell you that decades ago people used to paint the hoardings but times have changed, technology has improved, development has taken place and here we have flex sheets that can imprint anything we digitally create on a computer and we can just easily roll them up and carry them anywhere and post them at the right location.


In the most formal sense hoardings are nothing but a temporary boarded fence in the public place, usually placed around a building site. They are used to display advertisements. Below you can review the Cynor media hoarding picture. 


There are multiple reasons to go for hoardings. To quote some of them :


The best advantage of opting for hoarding for advertisement is that it’s much more cost-effective. The cost of putting a hoarding stands anywhere between thousands to lakhs. It depends on the city, location in the city, and the dimension as well as the period for keeping that hoarding. 

Usually, it starts from 4k and goes to lakhs. Now you might feel how is that cost-effective? Now try to understand that advertising in stations and highly traffic occurring roads, one of the ten will look up to the advertisement, imagine the number of views per day and the conversions happening.


Creative hoarding designs usually have public attention. That is why advertising teams while drafting campaigns often pay close attention to how creatively they can design their billboards.

Usually, competitors get into a petty competition to prove why they are much better than their competitors. Remember when silk and 5 star got into the petty brand war? That shows things work for major brands.


The leads generated from hoardings advertisement are well-qualified leads which means that they can be converted into sales immediately. Creative hoardings with some personalized touch are a better option to entice the general public and convert them into leads.


Hoardings are usually very big and not something very tiny. They are often placed at location centers where the general public can easily sight them and can’t overlook them. 

Hoardings are one of the few media left which can dominate the mind of human beings by sheer size alone. It’s next to impossible to go by hoarding and not catch a glimpse of at least half of the message. They are a great way to get the message across.


These days advertisers feel that the traditional mode of advertising has lost its charm. See it would be false to say that these modes don’t work anymore. 

According to a recent study conducted by a leading marketing agency, more than 50% of people who saw an ad on a hoarding, remember the catchphrase printed on it. 

If you compare this with digital advertising, where the engagement rate falls somewhere between 1-3%, this number is far superior statistically.


There are multiple ways a campaign can be made more attractive and garner better results for the brand’s advertising campaign. To mention some of them:

  1. Before setting up hoarding, it is quite important to track and analyze the location properly. Placing a billboard where there is not much rush and traffic is not of any use. Railway stations, traffic signals, or the entrance of some markets are good places to advertise.
  1. Always remember that a clear message with a good graphic effect grabs the most attention. So that is why it is best advised; to focus on clarity while drafting the hoarding design
  2. When designing the hoarding board, it is important to pay close attention to the objectives of the campaign. If the main focus is to increase the leads, appropriate CTAs should be added. CTA’s like ‘ORDER ONLINE’, and ‘CALL US TODAY’ are commonly used. If the goal is to communicate business ethos and values, simple imaging and a clear tagline should be used.
  3. Another major thing to consider is how your brand is unique from your competitors. Analyzing the brand’s USP i.e unique selling point is like the heart of all forms of advertising. It can be a good idea to address both why the subject of your advertisement is different and what is beneficial about it. Make sure that everything you want to exhibit is clear from the design.
  4. One of the most important yet the most ignored thing about hoardings is their design. Believe me when I say simple things attract the best reactions. See with hoardings you have a large canvas where you can go all out with every inch of your inner creativity, but just think and try to question yourself is that necessary? It’s not. Try to keep your design minimal with lines that are to the point and deliver exactly what is intended. Extreme designing and overdoing should be avoided. 
  5. Another key thing that needs to be taken into consideration while finalizing your hoarding design is to focus on “ SHOW IT, DON’T SAY IT” there is an old saying that says it’s better to show than to tell, and this principle applies well in the case of advertising as well. Especially for outdoor adverts such as hoardings and billboards, you have viewers’ attention only for a few seconds– so don’t give them too much reading to do.

Final Thoughts 

Hoardings are more than just a flex board. They represent a golden opportunity for messaging and advertising. Although digital advertising is the new trend but hoardings are still relevant even today. 

By taking care of all necessities the best can be extracted from them. So, don’t doubt the inherent advantages of hoardings and billboards and get the best of what it has to offer.

Cynor Media is a leading outdoor advertising company in Chandigarh. Cynor Media provides hoarding advertising, BTl advertising, mobile van advertising, LED van advertising at an affordable cost. 

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