What is the Importance of ICEGATE in Import & Export? 


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What is ICEGATE?

ICEGATE stands for Indian Customs Electronic Gateway and is the national portal of Indian Customs of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) that provides easy e-filing services to all the parties involved in the custom electronically. ICEGATE is internally linked with multiple partner agencies, including RBI, DGFT and other various partner government agencies involved in EXIM trade, enabling faster customs clearance. ICEGATE acts as a bridge of communication and documentation too between the department and other important regulatory and licensing bodies involved in the customs department. The main motive behind ICEGATE is to provide a mode of tax collection and administering cross-border controls, with the main goal of increasing voluntary compliance through ICEGATE payment. There are a number of functions that ICEGATE offers, which are mentioned below 

* Electronic filing of bill of entry.  

* Electronic filing of shipping bill  

* E-payment of customs duties  

* Smoothly handling every document and messages before being further processed by the Indian customs EDI system (ICES)  

* 24-hour help desk facility for all trading partners.  

ICEGATE – Services and advantages 

The ICEGATE portal is used to serve for the infrastructure projects that aid in the fulfilment of the Customs department’s Electronic Commerce or Electronic Data Interchange and also fulfils the Data Communication requirements. This will also help in facilitating various electronic devices that include the electronic filing of the Bill of Entry and also the Shipping Bill.  

ICEGATE offers many services, including –  

* Verification status of the IE code.  

* You can easily track the document status on your portal.   

* Refund through IGST  

* Get redirected to different other websites that are directly related to customs.  

* Offering other rounds, the clock service.  

ICEGATE’S functions  

1. Customs and Excise duties, as well as the GST levy and collection.  

2. Unit registration and monitoring for the manufacturers of excisable goods and services providers.  

3. Examination of submitted returns and declarations received by the department.  

4. Preventing and combating unethical practices such as tax evasion and customs duty evasion.  

5. Measures to promote exports.  

6. Implementation of Border Control on Goods and Conveyances.  

7. Imported and exported items are cleared, as well as examined.  

8. International luggage and passenger clearance.  

9. Audits are conducted to guarantee that tax compliance is met.  

10. Sanctioning for refunds, rebates and drawbacks.  

Benefits of ICEGATE  

ICEGATE offers many benefits to exporters, such as:  

* With the ICEGATE registration done, you can easily file any export/import-related document online.  

* The exporters/importers can view the status of their online document and can also track the status of the document with the help of a tracking system.  

* You will get notified about the Shipping Bill, Bill of entry and so on through your registered email ID.  

* The trading partners can easily raise a query through ICEGATE and can expect a fast reply on the same.  

Registering with ICEGATE  

The steps for registering are actually very simple and can be easily done by anyone. The steps are mentioned below-  

Step 1 – The first and foremost thing is you need to log in to the ICEGATE website.  

Step 2 – Now, search for the registration link mentioned on the homepage of the website. 

Step 3 – Verify every detail, like GSTIN, IEC, and also the temporary password that the portal has already sent you.   

Step 4 – If anything is left, then input all other required details and finally complete the registration form.  

Step 5 – Now, use your unique ICEGATE ID and your password.  

Step 6 – Two different kinds of OTPs would be generated that will be sent directly to the person’s registered mobile number and email ID.  

Step 7 – Enter both valid OTPs and complete the registration.  

Step 8 – In the last step, you just need to verify every detail that you have entered and select the finish button.  

If the applicant needs to change their email ID or any other details which are entered on the form, one can also do it very easily. You just need to share your alternative mobile number and email ID. After that, an OTP is generated, and it will be directly sent to your alternative email ID. But, it is always advised to enter correct details in the first place or else it might just lead to rejection of the bills at a later stage.   

Simplified Registration –  

The simplified registration process allows the IEC holder to register with ICEGATE based on IEC and or GSTIN. But here also, an OTP verification, both for email and mobile phone numbers, is mandatory. In simplified registration, you don’t need to upload any documents like PAN verification or you need any approval procedure.   

Just select the simplified registration option on the home screen and then enter the IEC, GSTIN and password. Input your correct email ID and mobile number, and just confirm the password. Enter the OTP which has been sent to your mobile number and email ID. After verifying everything, the auto IEC registration process is complete.  

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