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How Much and How Often to Feed Infant Formula


How Much and How Often to Feed Infant Formula. No matter if you choose to breastfeed from the very beginning, give your baby infant formula instead of breast milk, or mix both types of food for newborns, you need to understand how much of all of it your baby needs. You probably have many questions, such as “How much formula should my baby have? How can you determine whether my child is hungry or not?”, as well as many others. In this guide, we’ll answer these questions. Enjoy your reading!

How much formula should your baby consume? 

The amount of formula you should give to your baby depends on their age, weight, and a few other factors. Here is a baby formula feeding chart that will help you understand how much formula should be given based on age: 

  • First weeks of life: 1.5-3 oz. or 45-90 ml. every 2-3 hours. This number will be rapidly changing, since your baby is growing very fast, so consult your doctor about how often you should increase the amount of formula given to your child.
  • 2 months: 4-5 oz. or 120-150 ml. every 3-4 hours. As your baby grows, the periods between feedings will be getting longer, and this is normal.
  • 4 months: 4-6 oz. or 120-180 ml every 3-4 hours or a little bit longer. This can also be discussed with a doctor.
  • 6-12 months: 6-8 oz. or 180-230 ml. 4-5 times per day. At this age, you can start to slowly introduce solid foods. 

What are the signs of hunger in children?

The best way to understand if your baby needs more or less baby formula is to look for signs of hunger. Here are some of the most common ones: 

  • Opens their mouth
  • Puts their fists, hands, or fingers into their mouth
  • Sticks out their tongue
  • Puckers their lips
  • Shows the rooting reflex
  • Points at food 
  • Cries

can i feed my baby formula every 2 hours Crying is often a late sign of hunger, which means that your child was feeling hungry for some time before they started to cry. This is why it’s important to determine how much your baby needs, and then try to feed your baby before they get hungry. 

How do you know if your baby is eating enough?

Every parent fears that their child might not get enough food. Here are some signs that your child is full and not hungry anymore:

  • Pushes food away
  • Closes their mouth when you offer them food
  • Uses different sounds and hand gestures to show they don’t want to eat anymore
  • Turns their head away from food

Don’t force your child to eat if they don’t want food anymore. It’s fine to let your kid decide when they would like to have more. You should not punish or reward your child with food, so it’s okay to not give the amount of baby formula or solid foods you planned on giving if your kid doesn’t want any more of it. 

Every child requires an individual approach

All instructions mentioned in the article are generalized, which means that these recommendations might not apply to you, and that’s totally fine. The best thing you can do to keep your child safe and happy is to talk to your doctor about all the options you consider and ask them for a piece of advice. Only you and your pediatrician know your kid well enough to understand exactly how much formula should be given to them. how much and how often should i feed my newborn formula And remember–it takes some time to understand how much your baby needs and what they like, so don’t get frustrated if something goes in a different direction.