Naaz Hotel, Kurla : Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews Naaz Hotel, Phoenix Market City, Mumbai


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Know About Naaz Hotel Kurla?

Naaz Hotel Kurla was started in 1968. Today it has been more than 40 years since the naaz restaurant was started. Naaz restaurant started as a family business and is run as a family today. One can taste traditional Tandoori cuisine, Mughlai cuisine, and Chinese cuisine at the naaz hotel.

Family owned naaz hotel is a licensed hotel. Which is completely how it is suited to our environment. Here you can enjoy Indian cuisine. In naaz hotel you can enjoy food with your friends with your family. If you want to keep food for a wedding ceremony party or any business meeting, then you can keep it in naaz hotel.

Naaz Hotel Mumbai at Bldg No. 5, Shamuddin Nagar, Andheri Kurla West, Jarimari. Second Branch of Naaz Hotel Address: Kantharia Mahal, LBS Road, Opp. Phoenix Market City,Kurla West, Mumbai-400070. Is located at .

Naaz Hotel Family Restaurant

In naaz hotel you can keep your wedding function or you can keep any of your corporation function. The meeting naaz of any company can be kept in the restaurant. If you want to have a party with your friends, you can also keep it in naaz restaurant. You can also choose naaz restaurant to celebrate birthday or for any other function.

Naaz Hotel Family Restaurant Contact Phone Number

The contact number of Mumbai’s naaz hotel which is located in kurla is given below. By calling on this number you can book naaz hotel in Mumbai.

Mobile: 773 847 7786

Naaz Jarimari – Address of Naaz Hotel Jarimari

Mumbai ki Naaz hotel jarimari ka adress niche Diya gaya hai .

Breakfast, dinner, lunch, buffet and parcel menu of Naaz Hotel are different.

Naaz Hotel Family Restaurant Breakfast Menu in 2023

If you stay at Naaz Hotel in Mumbai, then what will you get for breakfast. His list is given below. This is the breakfast menu of naaz hotel.

1. 5 raspberry_falooda

2 . 5 kesar_falooda

3 . 5 kaju_kishmish_falooda

4 . 5 blackcurrent_falooda

5 . 5 chicken_samosa

6 . 5 raspberry_falooda

Naaz Hotel Kurla Lunch Menu

1 . tawa_brain_masala

2 . 6 tangdi_kabab

3 . 6 tandoori_dawat

4 . 6 spl__chicken_tandoor

5 . 6 chicken_lucknowi

6 . 6 chicken_kasturi

Naaz Hotel Kurla Dinner Menu

1 . 7 tawa_brain_masala

2 . 7 tangdi_kabab

3 . 7 tandoori_dawat

4 . 7 spl__chicken_tandoor

5 . 7 chicken_lucknowi

6 . 7 chicken_kasturi

7 . 7 chicken_crispy

Naaz Hotel Kurla Buffet Menu

1 . Breakfast

1 . Tea

2 . copy

3 . sandwich

4 . omelt

2 . Lunch

1 . Welcome drink

2 . soup

3 . starter

4 . chicken gravy

5 . mutton gravy

6 . roti

3 . Dinner

1 . Welcome drink

2 . soup

3 . starter

4 . chicken gravy

5 . roti

6 . Nan

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