Reasons Why You Should Attend a Surf Camp


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Like any other outdoor sport that requires you to use your body and mind, surfing offers several health advantages. A single session on the water may improve your cardiovascular health, fitness, flexibility, balance, stress levels, quality of sleep, mental acuity, and more. You may ask why you should spend your hard-earned money in a Costa Rica Surf Resort. The most popular trend in the surfing community right now is attending a surf camp. Being in close proximity to some of the world’s greatest waves, the locals and visitors of Costa Rica are all surfers. But how can you determine whether that option is best for you? Whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned expert, here are a few reasons why you should consider attending a Costa Rica Surf Resort:

What exactly is a surf camp?

It’s neither a campground nor a boot camp, but it might be called a camp for surfers in Costa Rica. These beach vacations provide surf instruction (for novices and improvers) or surf guiding (for experts), as well as lodging, social activities, delicious meals, and plenty of downtime. Surf camps in Costa Rica are a convenient option for anybody planning a surfing vacation, whether they are beginners or seasoned veterans. They’re fun to chill out and meet other surfers as you learn the ropes, sharpen your abilities, or chase more giant waves. They prioritise enjoyment above skill.

Those who are new to surfing will get instruction.

Learning to surf from a book or a video is no match compared to taking lessons in Costa Rica. When starting, it’s crucial to have an expert on your side. The instructors at a beginning surf camp will be with you throughout the sessions, whether on the beach or in the water, to provide advice and critique your form. You’ll learn when the waves are best and what kind to ride. They’ll be quick to point out your errors and provide immediate solutions. In addition, feel free to bombard them with questions.

Five consecutive days of instruction is the minimum required to get the hang of surfing. In fact, most surf schools offer a week or more packages, and within those packages, you’ll find at least five days of surf instruction. It’s ideal if you can extend your time spent underwater. Luckily, some camps in Costa Rica let you use their gear for free during off-hours, so you can surf even if you don’t sign up for lessons. If time is tight, don’t stress. Shorter surf camps (often between two and four days) are available and may be attended over the weekend. In addition, a beginning surf camp is a great way to get back into surfing after a long hiatus.

The fundamentals will finally click for you.

You’ve seen footage of professional surfers making surfing waves seem easy. It requires a long time commitment, perseverance, and practice to get to that level. No one has ever surfed for the first time and caught a wave above their heads. No one at a surf camp will expect you to be a pro after only a few hours of instruction. Everyone is welcome, whether they have surfed before or not. It would help if you learned the fundamentals before catching waves on your own or going on to more challenging waves. The goal of a surf camp is to teach people how to surf, after all.

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