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Outdoor adventure brings real joy and Trekking is one of the best things to do. The real adventure lovers will always get the pleasure of hiking. Kedarkantha trek is one of the best treks to enjoy. Kedarkantha is a mountain peak of himalayas. 

Kedarkantha can be enjoyed by any beginner and among experienced trekkers.The top view of Kedarkantha is worth watching at the 12500 ft.Although Kedarkantha trek can be enjoy i any season but if you are heading this trek in the winters then few things you should be doing.


Juda ka tak composite on the kedarkantha trek. Juda ka tal is a small high altitude lake between the Kedarkantha trek summit. According to the old historic legends Lord shiva opened his lock hair and water dripped from his hairs made this Hude lake. This lake is a mesmerizing site with a scenic landscape.The mountains hide within themselves some beautiful small lake which is called Jud Ka talab. This is called because these hidden lakes and ponds are located at mysterious spots. It is also believed that there are several streams running under the lake that move downstream. Hence the name Juda is a connection between the lake and the stream. The Kedarkantha trek is surrounded by many mysterious myths. You will come across different stories. 


Once you reach the top, you would be able to view the Ranglana peak, Swargarohini and Kalanag, and On the way to kedarkantha peak you would be stunned by the sight of Himalayan Range. You may also get to spot the wildlife.


Whether we are kids or adults, we are never old enough to play in the snow. This region gets a high range of snow in the early winter and it keeps piling till March. The snow covers mountains and enough to make your journey memorable


Sankri is a village in uttarkashi district at the height of 1900mt. Sankari village is also known as the base camp of Kedarkantha trek and har ki dun. While har ki dun trek can be quite difficult and challenging, one could give kedarkantha trek a go.

In the race of modernity the Sankari village has its own charm. This village is completely wood. The temples near to Sankar village showcase unique architectural style. The local attire and traditional cuisine can be tried by the trekkers. Sankai village is located inside the Govind wildlife sanctuary, with a range of 150 bird species present in the wildlife sanctuary where you can see the flora and fauna. 

Some other things can be done in Sankaru village like- Cycling . Yoga and meditation, Explore home stays in Sankari, Enjoy meals.


Kedarkantha trek is a 5 day trek. Basically it is full of joy and adventure. You will get the chance to trek in the snow if you are heading in the winter season. Reking is not easy but trekking in Kderakanth would also not be difficult in comparison to other himalayan Trek. However Kedarkantha trek can be done by beginners but it can be deeply enjoyed by the experienced trekker. There are many things that can be done during the Kedarkantha Trek. few are listed below-

Pinnacle view


Once you reach the summit you will get to see the wonderful view of garhwal mountains. You will witness the black peak, Swagarohini.  

           You will also be able to view the har ki dun from the top.

The kotgaon- Kedarkantha route

Kotgaon is a village which comes across the route Kedarkantha. If you are heading to Kedarkantha make sure it passes by the Kotgaon village. This village is not less than the fairy tail during the winters. I will be amazed to see the village covered under the snow.

There are few things to know when you are planning a Kedarkantha trek-

  • Essentials you must carry 
  • If you are a beginner then you must follow your leader. It is always good to have an expert  guide. 
  • Trekking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses should be included in your packing
  • Kedarkantha trek is supposed to be the throat of Lord shiva so do not try to hurt the religious sentiments of locals.
  • Avoid leaving your group, follow the instructions.
  • If you are suffering from a heart problem then you should avoid such trips.


Kedarkantha trek is not a difficult trek and you can really reach by Air, By Train and Road. The trek is very beautiful and is covered with snow and pine forest. The complete Kedarkantha trek distance is 23km and the altitude of peak of the kedarkantha is 12500feet. There are beautiful peaks such as Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, black peak etc. Kedarkantha Trek will refresh your mind and happiness

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